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Trunk or Treat Decoration Ideas for Your Halloween Festivities

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Howdy there, Halloweenies.  The season of the witch is drawing to a close, and so the time is near for Beggar’s Night.  If you’re opting to go the less conventional Trunk or Treat route as opposed to tried and true door-to-door tromping, you’re faced with the task of furnishing your car with a costume in addition to yourself and your little ones.  Your friends at The News Wheel wanted to take a look at some of the best Trunk or Treat decoration ideas around in the hopes of giving you some last-minute inspiration.

Trunk or Treat Decoration Ideas

Trunk or Treat colorful ghost party Photo by ErrorCollins

Plenty of colors and just the right mix of spooky and spunky, cute and creepy.  Though we aren’t sure whether or not the owners of this poltergeisty PT Cruiser chose to dub their duds, we’ve got the perfect name in mind: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor TrunkGhosts.  You’re welcome.


trunk or treat decorations

Monster mouth trunk or treat decorations Photo by Collin Harvey

When we were kids, we were never terrified by the likes of Jason, Freddy, or Michael Myers.  No, we lived in constant fear of the likes of Mr. Toilet Man and the furnace in Kevin McAllister’s basement.  If you are looking to scar your children for the bulk of their young lives, park this beast in the garage and then send them in there to fetch you a cold pop.  Then, to win them over, sit them down and watch a totally family friendly film.  Like Return to Oz.  Your children are sure to sleep well after meeting The Wheelers.


trunk or treat pumpkins

Trunk or treat pumpkin family Photo by Tojosan

You know Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head by know, we’re quite sure.  Meet their extended family, twice-removed (left to right): Agnes J. Pumpkin Head, Vlad Tepes Pumpkin Head, Captain Jack Pumpkin Head, and Princess Kate Pumpkin Head.  Not pictured: notorious black sheep of the clan, Pumpkinhead Pumpkin Head.  He tends not to get invited to a lot of family functions since he 1) is often rude to new acquaintances and 2) usually has Lance Henriksen in tow.


jack o lantern car

Trunk-or-treat done right: Jack-o-lantern car Photo by First Hattiesburg

This jack-o-lantern car is simple in its execution, yet effective to a t.  Orange vinyl, black paper, cut, paste, and wah-lah!  Bonus points for looking like the Silver Shamrock pumpkin mask from Halloween III: Season of the Witch.


trunk or treat trunk

Inexplicable trunk or treat lanterns Photo by Tojosan

This little Kung Fu Panda diorama (look closely and you’ll see the little action figure version of Po and Shifu) provides an example of what could be done with some toys and some creativity.  The paper lanterns are a nice touch, though they tend to draw the eye away from the focus.

Trunk or treat decorations aplenty

Trunk or treat decorations aplenty Photo by The Andersons

This trunk makes good use of the space provided, leaving nary an inch uncovered.  With scarecrows standing guard, cobwebs aplenty, garland lights bobbing everywhere, and something reminiscent of the StubHub Ticket Oak just hanging out in the middle, this trunk is just a hair (or straw) shy of sensory overload.


trunk or treat games

Trunk or treat games Photo by First Hattiesburg

Now these folks have the right idea: make your trunk interactive.  In this example, The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2 have some basketball for you.  You can play it in the lot; you can play it on a cot.  You could even make a bet that you will shoot it through the net.  And when the basketball goes swish, you will win a Hershey’s Kiss.  Something fun and something sweet, all designed for Trunk or Treat.


flintstones trunk or treat

Flintstones trunk or treat Photo by First Hattiesburg

You might be saying: but my car doesn’t have a trunk, per se.  Can I still Trunk or Treat?  If The Flying Flintstone clan in this particulre picture is to be believed, that’s a big 10-4.  Bikes, bi-planes, helicopters, or hovercraft?  Bring it on out and gussy it up!

trunk or treat hot rod 1

Trunk or Treat hot rod Photo by ErrorCoins

trunk or treat hot rod 2

The devil is in the details. Photo by ErrorCoins

What’s better than a bright orange Lotus Exige S that does zero to sixty in 4.1 seconds and has a max speed of 148 miles per hour?  How about a bright orange Lotus Exige S that does zero to sixty in 4.1 seconds and has a max speed of 148 miles per hour that also has a totally gnarly yet candy-friendly demon popping up out of the trunk?  Given the already-intimidating front end design, this Jack O’ Lantern/Jack O’Lotus requires little carving and refuses to be smashed.

trunk or treat ideas

A truck bed makes the perfect boneyard. Photo by 191st Infantry Brigade

trunk or treat truck

A trunk or treat truck bed offers more possibilities for a scare. Photo by 191st Infantry Brigade

While it might not necessarily be in keeping with the Trunk or Treat name, truck beds are ideal for decoration (perhaps you could call it “Bed and Boo-fast”).  Throw down some headstones and bones and make it into a spooky cemetery or fill it with leering pumpkins and you’ll fit right in!

monster trunk or treat

A one-eyed-one-horned… Photo by CDaisyM

Well, I saw the thing/A comin’ down the street/It was all dressed up/For our Trunk or Treat
I walked right up to it/And I said “trick or treat”/And the Purple People Eater gave me candy to eat!


pirate trunk or treat

Yarr! Trunk or Treat, matey! Photo by websterc

Arr, mateys!  Fetch yer treasure map and get to digging in this pirate themed trunk!  X marks the spot where the fabled primate/pirate Davey Jones stored his booty and his prized collection of tambourines.  Those fortunate enough to survive the wrath of the Kraken might just walk the plank with a candy bar.

Speaking of boats: you’re going to need a bigger one with this Jaws-inspired trunkFarewell and adieu to you, Spanish Ladies; Farewell and adieu to you, ladies of Spain…

And of course, what Trunk or Treat would be complete (said in our best Palpatine voice) without the staging of a battle between Stormtroopers and Rebels.  Though, and we hate to nitpick (but have to because we are unabashedly nerdy), we’ve got to call out the fact that Yoda is not actually the same size as an AT-ST.  Unless there was yet another George Lucas digital update that we missed.

If you have photos of your own Trunk or Treat successes, feel free to share them with us on facebook, and be sure to have a safe and spooky Halloween!