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Use a Car’s Less Obvious Spots to Hide Valuables

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2017 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback RS

Since a car is more like a mobile office, home, and entertainment center, it’s easy to forget that we are often carting around valuable items like computers, cellphones and the kid’s iPad. And, in the chaos of getting from point A to point Z (and all the points in between) it’s easy to forget to hide what we don’t want thieves to see when we exit the car.

Because if that iPad is sitting on the backseat in plain sight—guess who’s going to notice it? Yep, that’s right, a bad guy or gal who wants nothing more than to snatch it. Now, there’s no guarantee that hiding the iPad will 100% secure its safety, but there’s no reason to make a thief’s job easier by allowing your treasured possessions to scream, “Hey, look at me! I’m sitting right here. Come and get me!”

So, if valuables are indeed enjoying a day out, it’s important to provide some thoughtful, added protection.

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Before heading out, take stock of what’s in the car; if something of value doesn’t need to be included in the outing, leave it at home, advises writer Brady Klopfer. Avoid hiding things in predictable spots like the glove box (unless it locks and you keep it locked) or under the seats, recommends Klopfer.

AutoGuru writer Rachel White suggests hiding valuables between the seat cushion and the back of the seat or tucked inside with the spare tire; small items fit nicely inside cleaned-out drink or sunscreen containers, at the bottom of a tissue box, and under floor mats.

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Plan ahead. Klopfer warns people from hiding their valuables after parking the car; it’s better to hide before setting out on the day’s journey so that no one is wise to what’s inside or what you are trying to conceal.

And last but not least—always roll up the windows and lock all the doors before walking away from your vehicle.

News Source: YourMechanic, AutoGuru