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Vehicular Viewing: New on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu for August 2019

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Each month, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu release a new slate of streaming movies and TV shows — and each month, I sort through them to uncover the best titles for car enthusiasts and movie buffs who appreciate auto-related eye candy. August’s crop of releases offers a little something for everyone, including a critically acclaimed new documentary, a pair of new TV series, and no shortage of car chases.

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American Factory (8/21)

What happens when a Chinese manufacturer of auto glass opens a factory in a closed Ohio GM plant? Cultures collide, workers and management clash, and cameras are there to catch it all in this compelling documentary.

Hyperdrive (8/21)

This 10-episode Netflix original TV series follows accomplished drivers from around the world as they race custom cars on an enormous obstacle course.

Rust Valley Restorers (8/23)

Set in the Canadian Rockies, this reality series profiles a junkyard owner and his team of “Rust Bros” as they work to restore hundreds of rusted-out cars into desirable classics.

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Amazon Prime

A Simple Favor (8/21)

In this wickedly funny thriller, two suburban moms connect despite their differences (one drives a Porsche and one drives a Subaru). Then, one of them disappears under mysterious circumstances, setting off a chain of twisted revelations. (This movie is also coming to Hulu in August.)

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (8/23)

For the latest installment in this entertaining action series, the filmmakers teamed up with BMW for a series of car and motorcycle stunts. (This movie is also coming to Hulu in August.)

The Lincoln Lawyer (8/26)

After he starred in this thriller about a Los Angeles lawyer who conducts business from the back seat of a Lincoln Town Car, Matthew McConaughey went on to become the face of the luxury brand in a series of offbeat commercials. (This movie is also coming to Hulu in August.)


The Transporter (8/1)

Jason Statham’s character in this action thriller will transport any package — no questions asked — in his BMW 735i. But he starts having second thoughts when his latest delivery turns out to be a young woman held captive.

Captain Fantastic (8/26)

After a family tragedy, an isolationist dad (Viggo Mortensen) and his six sheltered kids leave the wilderness and hit the road in a converted blue school bus.