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Vehicular Viewing: New on Streaming for May 2020

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In May, gearheads and car lovers can look forward to a wealth of new movies and television shows on the major streaming services. Here’s a look at some of the best titles coming soon to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Now, and Disney Plus.

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New on streaming for May: movies


Back to the Future (1985) and Back to the Future Part II (1989)

Back to the Future Part III arrived on Netflix in February, and now it’s joined by the first two installments in the adventures of Doc, Marty, and their time-traveling DeLorean. (Netflix, 5/1)


Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008)

These two Christopher Nolan-directed movies are among the best superhero adaptations ever made. As you’re enjoying the great filmmaking and acting, be sure to keep an eye out for the Tumbler Batmobile, the Batpod, and other cool vehicles. (Hulu, 5/1)


La La Land (2016)

Cars play a key role in this colorful, bittersweet modern musical, from the opening traffic-jam dance sequence to the Ryan Gosling character’s vintage 1982 Buick Riviera convertible. (HBO Now, 5/1)


Wild Hogs (2007)

In this ensemble comedy, four middle-aged pals head out on a cross-country motorcycle road trip and end up on the wrong side of a violent biker gang. (HBO Now, 5/1)


The Art of Racing in the Rain

Based on the bestselling novel about a Very Good Boy and his Formula One-racing owner, The Art of Racing in the Rain is precisely calibrated to warm hearts and jerk tears. (HBO Now, 5/1)


The Lincoln Lawyer

Before he went viral in Lincoln commercials, Matthew McConaughey starred in this solid crime thriller about a clever lawyer whose office is the back seat of a Town Car. (HBO Now, 5/1)

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New on streaming for May: television


Car SOS: seasons 1-7

The hosts of this British series restore down-on-their-luck classic cars for owners who don’t have the resources or ability to do so themselves. (Disney Plus, 5/1)


Engine Masters: season 1

Gearheads will have a blast watching this show, which pits competing engines against each other in a series of tests to find out which one prevails. (Amazon, 5/1)


Rust Valley Restorers: season 2

This Canadian series follows a junkyard owner as he and his team work to turn rusted-out heaps into desirable vehicles. (Netflix, 5/8)


Fast N’ Loud: season 15

If you still can’t get enough of auto-restoration shows, this long-running example of the genre has a new season waiting for you. (Hulu, 5/15)


The Great Food Truck Race: seasons 8-9

In each season of this series, food truck owners compete with each other and take on creative challenges as they travel across the country. (Hulu, 5/15)


Street Outlaws: seasons 8-9

Street Outlaws takes viewers behind the scenes for an up-close look at the fast cars and colorful characters of the underground street racing scene. (Hulu, 5/15)