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[VIDEO] Idiot Driver Watches MasterChef While Driving

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Pointing to the TV

Look, let’s get one thing straight here: Gordon Ramsay is a treasure. He just is, and his charisma makes every television show of which he is a part—be it Hotel Hell or Kitchen Nightmares—irresistible fare, for better or for worse.

That said, Gordon Ramsay’s delightful, delightful anger is not so important that one need risk their own life—or the lives of others, for that matter—by watching Masterchef while driving a Ford Fiesta. Like this dumb person (Warning: bit of course language in here):

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We’re not sure what’s more obnoxious: this woman’s behind-the-wheel behavior or the manner in which our hero documentarian shot this bit of footage.

Fiesta Following


According to The Independent, the man behind the camera is a professional driver, and he clearly didn’t take too kindly to the woman in the green Fiesta watching Masterchef behind the wheel. Here’s a tip, people: keep your eyes on the road. We’re pretty sure that if Gordon Ramsay were aware that you were endangering other people by watching his TV show while driving, he’d probably have more than a few choice words for you.

Bad driver lady


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News Source: The Independent