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[VIDEO] Jet-Powered MINI Runs Out of Road, Crashes

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jet engine MINI Cooper

There’s no denying that the MINI Cooper is one cool car. From its retro looks to its customizability, anyone driving a MINI Cooper automatically gains points for being awesome. But there are always those people who take it too far. This was the case with some clever soul who decided that it would be a good idea to equip a run-of-the-mill Cooper with a jet engine. Spoiler: it’s not a good idea.

The video above shows the MINI in question demonstrating its awesome power at England’s Snetterton Raceway. As you might imagine, the car picks up quite a bit of speed along the straight portion of the raceway, but runs into trouble when it tries to turn a corner. Predictably, the MINI slides right through the steel barriers—luckily not those containing spectators—and comes to a complete stop.

I can only assume that the driver was physically unharmed, but I’m sure the same cannot be said of his pride.