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[VIDEO] Paul Rudd Exposed as the New Voice of Hyundai

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Paul Rudd Shower New Voice of Hyundai

Paul Rudd can’t contain his excitement at becoming the new voice and body of Hyundai Photo: MOVIECLIPS Trailers via YouTube

Lincoln Motors has already shown impressive success with their new front man, Matthew McConaughey, and his series of respectable advertisements. His southern charm, sophistication, and gentlemanly reputation deliver a fitting image matching the automaker’s notoriety.

Apparently, Lincoln’s Southern gentleman reputation has overshadowed the legacy Jeff Bridges had established as the seven-year narrator for Hyundai. Thus, the Korean automaker was ready for an update to their image, looking for an Everyman that exuded their suburban middle-class appeal. After serious deliberation, a new voice of Hyundai has been selected:

The Ant-Man himself: Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd Exposed as the New Voice of Hyundai

Hyundai concludes its wet hot American summer with a stunning announcement. After Billy on the Street proved back in April that multiple streetwalkers find Paul Rudd delightful, adorable, and charming, Hyundai took this obvious hint of the shape of things in America and extended an offer to the funnyman.  Over a lavish dinner for schmucks, of course.

The Korean automaker senses that automobile drivers nationwide have the same wanderlust that Rudd exhibits in his long line of cinematic roles. Therefore, his Everyman appeal can reach even the most macho of husbands, who have sworn to their wives to only buy a Hyundai over her dead body.

“We were looking for a voice that could be recognizable and relatable to a new generation of car buyers,” said Steve Shannon, vice president of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Rudd can be serious, humorous, informative and entertaining all at the same time. It’s his modern sensibility that we knew would be a perfect match for today’s customers.”

Undoubtedly, Hyundai fans everywhere are already cheering, “I love you, man!”

Paul Rudd, who will function as the anchorman to Hyundai’s media campaign for the coming years, will also be providing Hyundai’s newest marketing slogan. Prepare for the long-established “10 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty” selling point to be replaced with:

New Voice of Hyundai

Concerning the ex-spokesperson for Hyundai, Jeff Bridges, the brand voiced an admission that the departure was peaceful and mutual. “Hyundai’s relationship with Jeff Bridges is one of the longest in the industry –narrating ads for industry leading vehicles and programs such as Hyundai Assurance,” said Shannon. “While we say goodbye to an epic era with Jeff, we are extremely excited to have Paul come on board.”

Many customers are likely wondering, “How do you know Paul Rudd was a good choice as the new voice of Hyundai?” Of the ten things we can name that we love about Paul Rudd, nine of them make him an excellent spokesperson to reach a new generation. He may seem like our idiot brother, but his long-lasting charm like Rudd’s will yield a successful advertising partnership for the coming years–especially taking after role models like Bridges.

Unfortunately, Rudd’s performances will be limited (for the time being) to commercial voice overs, so we won’t have the privilege of seeing his dance moves displayed in a Hyundai showroom.

New Voice of Hyundai

Rudd’s first entry for Hyundai, a 30 second spot titled “Co-Pilot,” has already been released and screened on television sets nationwide. The commercial itself merits a chuckle, and if you haven’t seen it, or didn’t realize the voiceover’s dulcet tones were none other than Rudd’s, take a watch below. Perhaps his next commercial will be called, “This is 40 MPH.”

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