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Watch LeBron James Film a Kia K900 Ad in 90 Seconds

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LeBron James films a Kia K900 ad on 34th Street in Manhattan

LeBron James films a Kia K900 ad on 34th Street in Manhattan

Since becoming the car’s official “luxury ambassador” last October, LeBron James has starred in three commercials for the Kia K900: one in which he shocks a valet who can’t believe that LeBron drives a Kia, one in which he drives around a Cleveland parking garage with a general sense of unease, and one in which he chills in the spacious backseat of the K900 because it’s more comfortable than his mansion.

Three ads in the course of a little over three months seems like a pretty decent pace for the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward… until you realize he apparently spends less than two minutes making some of them.

In the video below, captured by TMZ, LeBron spends all of 90 seconds filming an upcoming Kia K900 ad. Check it out:

The shoot, which consisted of just two takes, was done on 34th St. in Manhattan while LeBron was in the city for the NBA All-Star Game. And according to reports, after concluding his hard day’s work, LeBron rode off…

…in a Mercedes Sprinter.

"Worshiping the NASCAR race"

Of course, we doubt that the next LeBron James Kia K900 ad will consist solely of King James getting out of his car in Manhattan. More likely, the star filmed several interior scenes on a soundstage, and was only capturing a quick exterior shot in the city. So he probably put more than 90 seconds of work into earning whatever paycheck the Korean automaker will cut him for his services.

And just because he drives a Mercedes in NYC doesn’t mean he’s not still driving around Akron in a K900.

“News” Source: TMZ Sports