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Woman in China Gets Pulled Over While Driving a Bumper Car Home from Work

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Bumper cars are a tried-and-true favorite at nearly every amusement park. Not only are they a perfect thrill for those avoiding the tall roller coasters, but they’re a great way to get out some of your aggression. One woman took the thrill of bumper cars to the streets — quite literally.

A woman was caught driving down the street in China behind the wheel of a hot pink bumper car. Cruising without a second thought, the woman drove across several lanes and slowed down traffic behind her (one ABC News anchor joked it was “bumper-to-bumper traffic“) before she was pulled over by police. The office scolded for her misconduct, and the bumper car was confiscated.

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As it turns out, the woman owns a bumper car business (what?) and was ending her day at the shop. Instead of finding a way to tow or carry the cars back to her home at the end of the day, she just hopped behind the wheel to drive it back. Unfortunately, her attempt at a quick solution ended up costing her even more time in the long run — both with the traffic stop and dealing with her impounded bumper car.

There are several different types of vehicles that are permitted on public roads, and while you might feel like you’re playing a game of real-life Mario Kart, amusement park bumper cars are not one of them.

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Watch the video from ABC News below:

News Sources: ABC News, News 8 WTNH