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10 Steps to Buying a Used Car

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Edmunds.com is a leading authority in the automotive industry and has constructed to list of 10 steps to buying a used car that will help you feel more confident.

  1. Reason to Buy Used – They’re cheaper.  You can purchase a car that is only a couple of years old for a significantly reduced price; simply because some else drove it first.
  2. Choose the Right Car – Assess your needs and pick the right vehicle for you.  Quit looking at sports cars if you have three kids that need to get to soccer practice.
  3. Buy Second-Tier Cars and Save Money – Don’t by the most popular SUV.  Look further down the list and save some cash on a vehicle that not everyone else wants.
  4. Research Your Desired Used Car – There is almost limitless information on your car online, use it.
  5. How Much Can You Afford – Take a good, hard look at your monthly budget and figure out what kind of payment you can afford.  This will give you of how old a vehicle you should be looking for.
  6. Set Up Financing – If you can pay cash, great, but chances are you’ll need to finance.  Credit Unions can offer very competitive financing rates.
  7. Where to Shop – Buying from a private seller generally offers the best prices, but dealerships can offer more perks, like warranties and service plans.
  8. Test-Driving a Used Car – Play close attention during your test drive.  Look and listen for anything that seems “off” or “weird,” and do not be afraid to ask questions.
  9. Negotiate – Prices of used cars are not set in stone, so don’t hesitate to throw out counter offers.
  10. Close the Deal – Make sure your financing is final and you have insurance for the car before you drive it off the lot.

Check out Edmunds.com’s full list for a more in-depth look at the used car buying process.

10 tips to buying a used car- Shults Sales & Leasing- Olean, NY

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