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Another 2016 Chevy Volt Teaser, Courtesy of Twitter

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Chevrolet does not seem to be able to keep its trap shut when it comes to the next-generation Volt. The extended range EV is meant to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show this coming January in Detroit, but Chevy has given us all kinds of sneak peeks and statistical insights over the last few months that it feels like an official unveiling is almost unnecessary. For example, the Bowtie Brand released this 2016 Chevy Volt teaser back in August, nearly half a year ahead of its debut.

Another 2016 Chevy Volt Teaser

The first 2016 Chevy Volt teaser image

More recently, GM let it slip that the Chevy Volt is getting an enhanced charging system with location-based charging, intuitive charge status indicators, and more. Over the last few months, Chevy has also told us of a huge investment in Detroit for the next-generation Volt batteries, shown us just how the brand is camouflaging the Volt on the road, and hinted that the Volt will be downsizing its engine (though Mark Reuss was elusive about just how much more efficient it’ll make the EV).

And now, Chevy has tweeted out this image, along with the text, “We just want to be up front with you. Here’s a new looak at the #NextGenVolt at @LAAutoShow! Who’s ready for #NAIAS?”

2016 Chevy Volt teaser

The second 2016 Chevy Volt teaser

Come on, Chevy, stop tantalizing us like this. You might as well just show us the whole dang thing at this point. No? Well, fine. We’ll deal with waiting, but we won’t like it.

Here’s the tweet in full. Chevy, you sly, sly bastard.