• iiLEFT4DE4Dii

    Nicer then the original logo but looks to much like a Lexus “L” and Mazda like just turned around..

    • Sheila Moore

      I saw one last night and had no idea what it was, but my thought is it was the result of the Lexus logo and the Kia logo having a baby Logo.

  • Nixie

    The aftermarket badge looks more like the older Kumho logo than a faithful interpretation of the Kia design.

  • David Osgood

    Would love to know what the first ever logo for KIA looked like. If they used it now it would be a brilliant tribute to the founder. I have an idea for them too. But I would love them to pay me for it. Became a KIA owner last year,sadly not a new one,bought at auction. I wish I had had a Kia years ago. ❤ love my Kia,❤ my car,!

  • King T’Challa

    Gonna put this logo on my Stinger

    • davebo

      FYI Loden is surrently working on a new round emblem for the front hood of the Stinger that looks like the Korea E badge, but with the old K style instead of the E, looks really good and that’s probably what I’ll go with once it’s available. Then just the larger “Stinger” script on the rear center and ditch the smaller American one they put on the left.

      • King T’Challa

        Thanks for the info