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Best Podcasts of 2017 to Listen to on Road Trips

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As someone who has driven cross-country more than once within a single year (long story), I have a bit of experience spending many hours in a car by myself. Things can get lonely and boring on those long rides and, while I produced one of the most extensive music playlists known to man prior to my journeys, I found myself craving alternative listening entertainment. During one of my stops, I downloaded a podcast called, Do You See The O.C. That I See? which was hosted by two young women recapping every episode of the early 2000s teen drama, The O.C.

Best Podcasts of 2017 to Listen to on Road Trips

Now, I’ve seen every episode of that show, so them simply rehashing each scene wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking – it was the variety of segments and overall style of the podcast that kept me entertained throughout my drives (mostly through Nebraska and Wyoming). In order to prepare for any potential future endeavors, I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the best podcasts of 2017 that feature that same finesse and entertaining style.

Myths and Legends

Jason, the creator of Myths and Legends, has a passion for reading and writing, as well as history and modern storytelling. This combination creates the perfect podcast for those wishing to know more about history’s most interesting characters. Most people only know the children’s stories regarding legends like Robin Hood, Aladdin, Hercules, and more. But what Jason does is expand on the original tales and bizarre happenings that occurred back in the day. If you’re a fan of all things mythical (dragons, Vikings, princesses, etc.), then you’ll definitely want to take a listen.


Best Podcasts of 2017 to Listen to on Road Trips

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It was just two years ago that the Supreme Court ruled same sex marriage would be legal in every state in the U.S. With that being said, progress still has a long way to go in America. LGBTQ&A host Jeffrey Masters goes in depth with his guests from the LGBTQ community, and provides listeners an opportunity to learn about their life experiences and identities. Previous guests on the show have included regular E! network host Ross Matthews and Orange is the New Black star Asia Kate Dillon. For those wishing to open their minds, LGBTQ&A offers frank conversations with real people in the LGBTQ community.


Pod Save America

If you’re interested in learning about politics in a way that doesn’t make you want to drive your vehicle off the road and into the Grand Canyon, then check out Pod Save America. The progressive podcast, hosted by four former speechwriters of the Obama administration, covers the political climate in America under the current administration. The hosts wish to entertain and inform their listeners, hoping to inspire them to become more active in politics in any way possible.


That Totally Awesome 90s Podcast

The title is pretty straight forward and perfect for nostalgia-loving millenials wishing to listen to a couple of guys talk about their favorite 90s pop culture. That Totally Awesome 90s Podcast covers topics ranging from Will Smith’s endeavors in music and television to discussing classic 90s cartoons and former primetime game shows. If there was something happening in the 90s relating to pop culture, the guys of TTA9P have, or probably will cover it, so you’ll have plenty to listen to as you drive through the less exciting states in the U.S.


Best Podcasts of 2017 to Listen to on Road Trips

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For those wishing to expand upon the ever-so-popular podcast Serial, get your ears ready for Criminal. The true crime podcast, hosted by Phoebe Judge, is a narrative series that goes in depth about people who commit crimes and the unsuspecting victims they affect. It’s worth noting that some of the crimes mentioned are completely bizarre or hard to stomach, so this podcast is definitely not for the faint of heart or those driving at night on a secluded road.


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