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Certain Z/28 Performance Parts to be Available for Camaros

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Z/28 Performance Parts

The 2014 Chevy Camaro Z/28

Because Chevrolet probably likes to make all of us wildly jealous, the Bowtie Brand only put forth 500 Camaro Z/28 models this year. It goes without saying that these babies quickly sold out, leaving many gearheads feeling cheated and wanting to emulate the Z/28 in their own garages. Unfortunately, Chevrolet announced last month that it would be restricting the sale of Z/28 factory replacement parts; the majority of these parts were parts that someone without a Z/28 could see. So, as a blessing to us all, Chevy has decided that many of the Z/28 performance parts that we can’t see will be available to Camaro drivers. Sure, drivers won’t be able to construct their own Z/28s piece-for-piece, but they can at least get their ponies somewhere closer to the goodness that is the Z/28.

Car and Driver reports that Chevy will offer nine Z/28 performance packages to drivers of non-Z/28 Camaros. Reportedly, some of the package offerings are not available individually, making the kits the only way to get certain items, such as Z/28 spool-valve dampers. These dampers will be offered with its anti-roll bars, front and rear suspension pieces, and springs in the suspension kit. Drivers can also get the helical differential via package but not individually. The differential will be packaged with an integrated heat exchanger for the diff cover.

2014 Camaro Z/28 Photos

Other goodies include brake cooling ducts, cat-back exhaust, cold-air intake, exhaust manifolds (V8s only), and Recaro sports seats. A differential cooling kit and an aerodynamics kit will also be available; the aerodynamics package will include many Z/28 visuals, surprisingly, including the front splitter, rear spoiler, underbody tray, and wheel-lip extensions.

Sorry to disappoint, though: the Flowtie emblem will not be available.

Z/28 Performance Parts does not feature flowtie

The Chevy Flowtie will not be offered in any Z/28 performance parts package.