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Chevy and LG Expand Partnership To Produce All-Electric Bolt

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Chevy and LG are teaming up to produce an affordable all-electric vehicle

The LG Corporation will be providing much more for the Bolt than just battery cells
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Chevrolet first began partnering with the LG Corporation back in 2007, when the company supplied technology needed for the OnStar system and battery cells required for the first rendition of the Volt.

In an effort to produce a longer ranging and more affordable electric vehicle, Chevy is expanding its partnership with LG, in which the Korean company will now be supplying Chevy with electric motors, infotainment systems, and battery cells, as well as electric climate control system compressors, on board chargers, and battery heaters.

“”It’s not just about EVs,” said Mark Reuss, GM global product chief. “We’re also looking at ways we can leverage LG’s expertise in consumer electronics, particularly in display systems, to raise the bar with our interiors.”

GM promised the new all-electric Bolt will be capable of 200 miles with just one charge and the vehicle will cost less than $30,000, when you include its $7,500 tax credit.

LG already makes battery cells for GM vehicles at a Michigan plant, so it comes as no surprise that production of the new Bolt will also take place in the Great Lake State, which will reportedly occur sometime in late 2016.

While LG officials admit the company is new to working with drivetrains, they said its long term goal is be a component supplier for companies that produce electric vehicles.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required) via Carscoops