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Florida Man Gives Pickup Truck the Ferrari Treatment

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Toyota Hilux/Ferrari Testarossa hybrid

What is it with people trying to make their Toyotas more like Ferraris? A few years ago in Britain, a Toyota MR2 coupe was transformed to look like a Ferrari F355 and just recently we witnessed professional drifter Ryan Tuerck mounting a monstrous Ferrari 458 engine in a Toyota 86 (and then doing sick drifts around an actual Ferrari 458).

Now we have…well, whatever that thing is pictured above.

A Florida man (sounds like the start of an Onion News article, doesn’t it) decided his late 1980s Toyota Hilux pickup truck just wasn’t eye-catching enough anymore and figured the best way to do that would be to completely restyle it after another and far more iconic 1980s vehicle: the Ferrari Testarossa.

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Beyond the expected red paint job, the details are actually quite good: the Prancing Horse badges are located in all the right places, and there are even the appropriate Pinifaria badges to boot. In addition, the rear end of the truck looks remarkably similar to that of the coupe’s and the truck has been equipped with Pirelli rubber on five-spoke modular alloy wheels, just like the real thing.

Of course, Ferrari has never made a pickup truck and the engine under the hood is very likely not the 4.9-liter flat 12-cylinder that powered the Testarossa—but who cares? The truck still looks better than most of the “serious” custom pickup trucks we see on the street today and it’s clear the owner put a lot of thought and care into the project.

If only everyone customized their vehicle as well as the people Ferrarizing their Toyotas.

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