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Ford’s New Air Filtration System 50% More Effective

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Ford’s New Air Filtration System

Ford has announced that it has added a new air filtration system to its vehicles that blocks nitrogen dioxide, pollen, and gaseous pollutants and road odors from entering the vehicle while driving. This not only makes driving more pleasant, but it ostensibly reduces the risk of accidents that might be caused by asthmatic episodes, sneezing, or allergic reactions.

“At Ford, we aspire to improve people’s lives through innovation, whether it be advanced lighting technologies that better highlight potential dangers or an advanced filtration system that pumps ultra clean air into the vehicle’s cabin,” said Ken Washington, vice president, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering.

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The system is being introduced on the new Ford Mondeo, S-MAX, and Galaxy, all of which are sold in European markets. Ford has not specified if or when the system will expand beyond those markets in the future.

The air filtration system on these vehicles uses activated charcoal in a fashion reminiscent of gas masks, respirators, and space suits. It’s said to be 50% more effective at blocking ultra-fine air particles from entering the vehicle.

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