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GM Is Not Ready to Completely Commit to Push-Button Start

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Even with past controversies involving traditional ignition systems, GM has some reservations regarding keyless ignition

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GM isn’t completely sold on the remix to ignition

Just a few years ago, General Motors had to initiate a rather extensive ignition switch recall due to complications with the system that were linked to several major accidents. Therefore, it might be easy to assume that GM is entirely invested in push-button start.

Yet, recent reports suggest that the automaker is not all-in on the push-button technology, especially after it has been involved in some controversies of its own.

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At the moment, 19 percent of GM vehicles in the U.S. do not come offered with push-button start. That appears to match the average trend across the board, as 18 percent of all new vehicles in the U.S. do not come offered with the push-button technology.

One reason why GM is hesitant to add keyless ignition to all of its vehicles is the cost of adding the system to those vehicles. Unless GM wants to increase the price of its less expensive compact and subcompact models by even more, push-button start may not be the ideal feature for these vehicles.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Push-button start will be expanding to the Silverado lineup later this year

While push-button start will be added to premium models of the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and 2019 GMC Sierra, they will not be included with the basic trims of those models. Part of the reason why may be due to consumer tastes.

“There are some customers, notably fleets, who still want keyed ignitions, so those will continue to be available on some models and trims,” explained GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson.

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Finally, keyless ignition has been involved in some recent controversies of its own. The technology is currently being investigated in regards to a rise in carbon monoxide deaths, as some vehicle equipped with the technology fail to shut off when left unintended.

At the moment, you’ll still be able to find push-button start as an option for the vast majority of GM models. Just don’t expect it to be the standard for all of GM’s vehicles anytime soon.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)