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Jay Leno Goes Undercover to Promote New Show

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Race car driver Kelly Collins (left) and comedian Jay Leno (right), who's helmet can barely contain his face test driving a Porsche 911

Jay Leno went undercover to promote his new show Jay Leno’s Garage

If you thought you would never get to see Jay Leno sporting a bald head and a bushy goatee, then today is your lucky day.

The ex-late night talk show host and popular comedian recently took to the streets in an effort to promote his newest CNBC show, called Jay Leno’s Garage. But he didn’t do exactly what you would expect.

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Rather than walking around with a camera and a microphone—as you might expect him to do—Leno instead hopped behind the wheel of an Uber car, becoming a driver for the car service for a night.

Instead of going undercover, should we say he went Ubercover? Wearing a fake disguise—including a baldhead and healthy goatee to cover that very notable chin—Leno regaled his passengers with information about his new show. Eventually, he revealed who he really is.

[WATCH] Jay Leno Goes Undercover as an Uber Driver

The show itself premiered last night on CNBC. It will consist of eight hour-long episodes, focusing on, according to a press release from the show, “classic cars, super cars, restoration projects, road tests, investments, and the inner workings of the car collectors’ market.” Throughout the show, Jay will roam the country looking for the world’s “most radical rides.”

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Multiple celebrities will even make an appearance on the show, harkening back to Leno’s days of late night television. The star-studded guest list includes Laurence Fishburne, Tim Allen, Keanu Reeves, director Francis Ford Coppola, and Jeff Dunham.

[WATCH] Trailer for Jay Leno’s Garage