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Ryan Gosling Lookalike and Second-Gen Honda Fit Star in “Drive 2: The Uber Years”

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Ryan Gosling lookalike Joey Thompson and a Hond Fit star in Drive 2: The Uber Years

Joey Thompson is a comedian who has the good fortune of looking like Ryan Gosling. So for the past four years, he’s been starring in a series of comedic YouTube videos that are based on his uncanny resemblance to the hunky matinee idol—videos like 2012’s tutorial “How to Look Like Ryan Gosling,” its sequel “How to Live Like Ryan Gosling,” and 2013’s trilogy-completing “The Consequences of Looking Like Ryan Gosling.”

But after years of slightly diminishing returns on increasingly repetitive projects, Joey has finally found the ideal outlet for his unique ability to look like Ryan Gosling: starring in the official trailer for Drive 2: The Uber Years.

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Take a look:

Since Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn is busy making those Matthew McConaughey commercials for Lincoln, Joey has taken it upon himself to craft a sequel to the gritty 2011 neo-noir.

In Drive 2: The Uber Years, Gosling’s unnamed character has quit his job as a Hollywood stuntman and freelance getaway driver to become a fulltime Uber driver (which, as he notes, isn’t very good money). That also means trading in his signature 1973 Chevy Malibu for a slightly less sexy second-generation Honda Fit.

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You would think that giving up pawnshop robberies in favor of driving drunk couples to Dave & Buster’s would make Gosling’s life a lot easier, but he still has plenty of drama to deal with. The life of an Uber driver is far from glamorous, as Gosling has to contend with long hours, low pay, strained relationships, bad wigs, and passengers who like to make out,vape, and/or vomit in the backseat of his Honda (which, come on guys, that’s where he sleeps!)

Looks like Gosling/Thompson is nearing the end of his rope as his Uber driver, and may want to consider switching to a rideshare company that allows tipping…

I anxiously await Drive 3: From Drifting to Lyfting.Next-Article-Button

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