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Ugly Yellow Car Photobombs Quaint English Village, Enrages Visitors

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Yellow Car Photobombs Quaint English Village 2

Is Bibury still beautiful with a bright yellow spot on it?
Photo: Karen Roe

The quaint British town which considers itself “the most beautiful village in England” has a giant yellow freckle on its face.

Bibury, Gloucestershire–a picturesque civil parish in the Cotswold Hills of south-central England–prides itself on being the oldest inhabited property in the United Kingdom. The iconic, medieval stone cottages that line Arlington Row draw tourists and photographers from around the world.

Many of those visitors are now expressing outrage at the “ugly, yellow car” popping up in their photographs, calling the bright-colored vehicle an “aesthetic crime.”

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Vivid Yellow Car a “Blight” on Photos of Picturesque British Village

After being pointed out on Twitter by Lee McCallum (jokingly calling it “Bibury’s elephant in the room”), multiple photographers interested in capturing the idyllic facade of the area have complained about the yellow car’s presence.

“That flipping yellow car!” bemoaned photographer Robin Lawrence. “You have an area of outstanding beauty and as a photographer, you are hampered by the car. It gets in the way of photographs.” Visitors and tourists claim the car ruins the pictures taken of the spot.

The infamous vehicle is a bright yellow Vauxhall Corsa D, a best-selling supermini released by the United Kingdom branch of General Motors. It’s owned by a retired dentist, the 82-year-old Peter Maddox, who has lived in Bibury for over 12 years. Because the man does not own a garage, and has no where else to park, the yellow Corsa sits along the street. Legally.

Residents defend Maddox, pointing out the lack of respect tourists have for the tenants of Bibury; visitors are known for intruding on private property and issues that don’t concern them. “Tourists should get a life,” one resident responded. “They must realize that we live here. These are our homes. Peter has every right to park there.”

The town’s popularity in some ways has increased thanks to this inadvertent marketing. Visitors are now arriving in Bibury to get their picture taken with the infamous yellow car in the background. It continues to spread its global presence by appearing in photographs shared by people around the world–like a hilarious take on Where’s Waldo.

The National Trust, which is in charge of the appearance standards of the village, can’t influence the color of a resident’s car, but the council is reportedly not pleased with the situation. Hopefully its members don’t take any cues from Hot Fuzz to “take care of” Maddox’s unorthodox yellow car.


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News Source: The Telegraph