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[WATCH] Ford Mustang Speed Dating Prank Video

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Mustang Speed Dating

Back during Halloween, Ford put forth a pretty excellent YouTube video depicting a prank perpetrated on some unsuspecting victims at a local car wash. With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, Ford is back with another prank that puts a whole new spin on the phrase speed dating.

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The setup is the same each time: a beautiful young woman meets her marks at a café and indulges them in some idle conversation. Eventually, she suggests getting out and taking a spin in her 2015 Ford Mustang. What the guys in the video don’t know: their blind date is also an incredibly proficient stunt woman.

Playing right into the obnoxious stereotype that women can’t drive stick, the stunt woman feigns ignorance while she gradually figures out how to put the Mustang in gear. The guys continue to either attempt to convince her that they are compelling human beings or that she should let them drive because she hasn’t got the hang of it, and then she finds her way into a big open parking lot and just starts tearing it up.

<3 Donuts 2015 Mustang

<3 Donuts

Lots of surprised and giddy reactions, but the best may be the dude who at first obnoxiously reminds our heroine to shift and winds up looking over at her when she’s all finished to say, “You just ripped the s*** out of this car.”

It’s a fair bet that your next blind date won’t be anywhere near this exciting.

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