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Who is Toyota Jan?

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who is toyota jan pregnant

“Who is Toyota Jan, and how did she get pregnant?” – Internet Masses

So it turns out, a lot of people are really interested in Toyota Jan and if she is actually pregnant as she appears in Toyota’s commercials. (She is.) It was odd to me that people cared so much for this wannabe Flo from Progressive, because before the explosion of internet searches asking, “Is Toyota Jan really pregnant?” I didn’t even have any idea who the heck she was. Or so I thought.

When I really began to consider the question, “Who is Toyota Jan and why are people so obsessed with her?” I discovered that the actress, Laurel Coppock, is actually someone I’ve seen in quite a few other projects that did not involve Toyota or the fetus gestating inside of her.

Learn all you’ve ever wanted to know (and then some) about Laurel Coppock, who plays Toyota Jan on TV

Most importantly, of course, she was featured in an episode of The Office. The episode was “Trivia,” when the majority of the office follows Oscar to a gay bar for a trivia night in an attempt to earn enough money to buy their own paper products from themselves to meet their quarterly quota set by strange CEO, Robert California. (Yeah, they kind of ran out of fresh material by season seven, but that doesn’t mean it still wasn’t America’s best TV show ever. Because it was.) Anyways, in a B plot in that episode, Dwight goes to Florida to earn a management position within the company, and Stephanie (aka Toyota Jan aka Laurel Coppock) works in the corporate office.

Laurel Coppock in The Office | Who is Toyota Jan?

Laurel Coppock, who plays Toyota Jan, appearing on The Office

But not only did she work on The Office, she also worked on one of my favorite Steve Carell movies, Crazy, Stupid, Love. Other credits for Coppock include Curb Your Enthusiasm, Workaholics, 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, and even the newest Netflix season of Arrested Development.

Coppock’s/Jan’s IMDb stats seemed sufficient enough for me, but given that too many of our readers are constantly searching things like, “Did Toyota Jan get pregnant just for the commercials?” I figured I should do some more digging and set the record straight. (And the answer is no, no, she did not.) So let me further paint the answer to the question, “Who plays Toyota Jan on those hilarious commercials?”

who is Toyota Jan?

Research indicates that Laurel Coppock was a person before she became Toyota Jan and got pregnant.

Laurel Coppock is from the East Coast (even studied up in Maine up at Colby College and then in NYC at the Square Acting Conservatory). Coppock also spent some time working and studying in Chicago—and, strangely, Amsterdam—before making it out to L.A.

The rest, as they say, is history: Coppock started acting, became Toyota’s most exciting mascot, and then spent some time enjoying the finer things in life which will eventually lead to the joy of stretch marks and diapers full of fecal matter. (Was it worth it, Toyota Jan? Was it worth it?)

Check out some fan favorite Toyota Jan commercials below:


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  • Jan (Laurel Coppock) is completely cool, whereas Flo is incredibly annoying.

  • Hippo

    You can not compare Toyota Jan to Progressive Flo. Toyota Jan is more like the Aflac duck! I mean that in the most complimentary way. If I would actually take the time to google “Who is Toyota Jan?” I knew that thousands, and perhaps millions, would have already done the same. And I was right as usual. She’s a sweetheart. If her baby is a boy, she would do well to name him after me and that great king of Israel: David.

  • Steve

    Toyota Jan is true star of TV… she is up beat, happy, eternally optomistic joy to watch. Her personality actually makes me pay attention to TV. Laurel Coppock (a.k.a. Toyota Jan) ROCKS!

  • mikey

    hey jan I bet if you were to do an [act of community service] real [courteously] you will see a lot of [goodwill toward humanity] all over the [world]!

    • Jeffrey Tanner

      Hey mikey, What’s with all brackets? You didn’t need to use them. It is very confusing.

    • Jim Griffin

      I think Mikey wants Jan to star in some kind of naughty film. Hey look, Mikey likes it!

  • GR Balling

    Toyota commercials are enjoyable because Jan is very attractive and has an incredibly pleasant voice.

  • But you didn’t answer how she got pregnant? Got any videos, pictures, peepholes, spurned lovers, turkey basters?

  • she is annoying and her more recent commercials suck

  • Emm

    She is annoying and so is Flo.

  • Mike Malinowski

    She’s irritating

  • MR ED

    Jan must have “went somewhere” shes pregnant by an unknown man???

    • Jim Griffin

      In the back of a Toyota probably. Or am i getting this mixed up with that Volkswagen commercial…?

  • john

    I have always wondered who she is. now I know, and I think she is great. Progressive Flo has a backgrond in comedy having started with the Groundlings comedy troupe. she has probably done stand-up as well. I particularly like the ones where she plays all the members of her dysfuctional family. I wonder if she has any creative input in the process.

  • Irvin sentz

    Jan and lily Adams from the at&t commercial are the best. Good personalty and good looking girls. They should do a sitcom together

    • Dolph Ramey

      Lily Adams is so good looking I would get down on my knees for her

  • Nancy

    I have also been intrigued with Jan………….she is so delightlful and funny……….. I just knew she had to have done other acting gigs in her life because she is very good!!! Maybe she can visit some large Toyota dealers around the country? Keep up the good work Laurel, and congrats on the pregnancy!!!!!!!

  • tom 56749

    Is anyone else

  • jonathan black

    she is so obnoxious hit the mute button each time one of these commercials air

  • Chiwest

    Jan’s definitely my ideal women, she’s beautiful!

  • Mr. Wizard

    She has a really nice butt. I guess that’ll be gone after the baby though…

    • jazzguy711

      Not so! It’s better than ever now!!

  • Sharon Herrmann

    I have to turn the commercials off. I find her SO annoying. I feel as though she’s the kind of character you might like for the first one or two but I feel it won’t be long before the majority say enough already!

  • Peter Venkman

    The commercials are incredibly annoying, Jan is incredibly annoying, and she has plastic surgery face. All those “commercial girls,” including Flo, are annoying, except for the “AT&T girl,” Milana Vayntrub. She’s in that comedy “Other Space” and does her own web vids, and she’s genuinely funny. All Jan does is stand there with her creepy smile, talking 2,000-words-per-minute about the “Limited Time Toyotathon Sales Event” which apparently runs all year.

    • Chris

      Oh God I hate this Broad. She Is irritating. I dislike this fake so much, that I’ve purchased a Nissan. Ugh enough already, she ought to drive off of @ cliff.

  • AJ

    Toyota Jan is an absolute sweetheart! I met her at a Toyota conference and she was so nice and down to earth.

    • jazzguy711

      Lucky you! I think she’s a dreamgirl! 🙂

  • Chuck D

    Jan is horrible-no clue why they keep using her. No talent with below average looks.

  • Ivan lopez

    To many toyota comercials just another jely bean and. Built like crap crush like cracker box not worth the money 50s 60s 70s alot better and style real. Steel not tin or plastic

  • Ryder

    I was assaulted by a Toyota manager at Toyota Texas – my boss said “He didn’t mean it that way” He still works there – I got fired.

  • I J Abraham

    Laurel Coppock has a very joyful face that is full of sunshine.