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Will the 2018 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Have 470 Horsepower?

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The 2018 Ford Mustang GT convertible has been revealed and it will go on sale this fall

Can you see what changes were made to the 2018 Mustang GT convertible?

Earlier this week, Ford revealed the 2018 Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show and the automaker also shared some intriguing details regarding its updated sports car.

For starters, Ford will no longer be offering the 3.7-liter V6 engine with the Mustang. The V6 has served as the Mustang’s base engine for years, but it’s been replaced by the EcoBoost four-cylinder, which provides more horsepower and increased fuel economy. Other updates include the availability of a 10-speed automatic transmission and MagneRide suspension, as well as minor cosmetic changes to the front end.

Ford also revealed that the four-cylinder and V8 engine options will provide more horsepower for the 2018 model year. The 5.0-liter V8 will feature direct and port injection, which at least partially explains how Ford engineers were able to squeeze more juice from the Mustang’s big V8. The only catch is Ford won’t reveal exactly how much power has been added, but a recent Tweet from Mike Levine does offer a few clues. If you’re not familiar with Levine, he’s the Ford Product Communications manager for North America.

In the image above, you can see the digital instrument cluster in this particular Mustang has 1,964.5 miles on the odometer. That’s a reference to the first Mustangs ever produced. Those cars reached dealerships as 1964.5 model year vehicles. In addition, the 289 miles to empty reading is alluding to the first-gen Mustang GT’s 289-cubic-inch V8 engine.

Other hints found in the Tweet include the car being in fourth gear and traveling at a speed of 55 mph. When combined, this could infer the GT’s revised engine might offer 455 lb-ft of torque, while the car’s 4,700 rpms could represent 470 horsepower.

Ford has yet to release official ratings, so this is all just speculation at this point, but 470 horsepower would make the new ‘Stang more powerful than the sixth-generation Camaro SS and its 455 ponies.

Ford plans to bring the 2018 Mustang to 50 regional auto shows before the sports car goes on sale this fall. The automaker will continue offering the Mustang in both coupe and convertible models.

The 2018 Ford Mustang GT convertible has been revealed and it will go on sale this fall

The new Mustang GT convertible could soon be appearing at an auto show near you


  • Tim ShultsContributor

    Tim Shults likes to play golf and spend time with his four daughters.

  • maksym marchenko

    More 455. Look at gear # and speed. That would make more sense than looking at 4700 as 470 hp lmao

    • jit

      It could be both
      A Di+Pfi V8 wont make anything more than 420 ft pounds torque, so the 455 ft pounds torque from 5.0l its too uncertainty , so 455 could be HP count

      But just take case of Lexus RCF 5.0 V8, the Lexus 5.0 V8 without Di and Pfi made around 420 PS, after adding both it went to 477 PS, so its not like 460+ HP is not possible, but maybe for mpg reasons Ford could stop at anything between 455-465 HP and 400-410 ft pounds torque

      Redline will definitely be higher with this new 5.0 , I guess around 7700 rpm

      • Steve

        Is it really worth speculating about? I don’t think so, it’ll have whatever it has, the engine doesn’t make the car by itself. I chose the Mustang because the interior is more livable for me, will be looking to trade in on the 2018 mainly because I want MagnaRide and like the all
        digital dash. However based on what I have read the 2018 5.0l’s peak HP number isn’t the most significant update to the Coyote. What will have the most impact is that they have pushed the useful range out another 1000-1200 RPM and lowered the onset of peak torque. This additional useful RPM range is going to change the S550 GT significantly, while I thought putting the GT350’s front end on the S550 GT was more for looks than function, it may well be necessary given the new power curve.

        • jit

          Agree with that but peak HP numbers too matter,
          For a DOHC V8, peak POwer is what characterizes it over OHV engines
          And the peak power of DOHC always comes at a top end rev band say post 6500 rpm, so a 7500-7700 rpm redline for the new 2018 5.0 means more power and yet more flexible like a GT350s FPC V8

          The GT350 engine has one weak point, its numb below 3000-3500 rpm, but for a DOHC 5.0 like in 2018, there will be more uniform spread of torque , so it will be actually even better than the GT350 engine between the meat of the rev range while being able to sip less fuel while cruising too

          The 2018 as per my birdies report will have 455 HP @ 7000 rpm and 410 ft pounds @ 4400 rpm,

    • Keith

      Without a bump in Displacement or a major change to the Induction the HP for the Reengineered Coyote should be around 455 – 460 HP stock

      That’s not to say that a Performance Pack right from Ford won’t add another 35 HP

      So with a PP figure on ~485 HP

  • Jazmine Larrimore

    Are u a butthurt chevy owner cause I’d u realized the camaro can’t beat the Mustang even stock to stock today sorry buddy mustang is lighter more hp

    • jit

      I am a Ford guy but I admit the current 5.0 stock is not as good as 6th gen Camaro SS in performance, but that aside its a much better car to own

    • ronandersonjr

      No gt has even come close to my SS even when it was stock. You must be a butt hurt mustang owner that thinks fords are the only cars there are! An American car trying to be like the rat wagons and high rev. Pfffft. Real men have a bass voice, not a screech.

      • Fire


        • ronandersonjr

          Such intelligence from a ford guy. Great comeback. What depth you have in trying to prove me wrong. You must have been right there when every gt tried me and lost.

          You’re the classic example of every ford guy. I bet you’re one of those guys that wreck leaving a cars and coffee.

        • Fire

          And you sir are a typical Chevrolet *sshole

        • Fire

          You act like you know everything about every situation out there I know guys like you that tried to be book smart but are totally ignorant of the situations

        • ronandersonjr

          This was eight months ago buddy. Let it go. You’re showing how ignorant you really are.

    • MrHighCALiber

      Quite the opposite. The gt stang is abt 200lbs heavier, and .4secs slower in the quarter mile vs a 2017 ss camaro. Chevy did well with this one. Ford will have to swing back with more power for now until the new lighter platform comes in 2020.

      • Steve

        I wouldn’t hold your breath on the lighter S650, the S650 got bumped because the S550 is doing so well. Fact is the S550 platform is 100 lbs lighter than the S197, it’s the rest of the crap on the Mustang that makes it heavier, Ford could make it lighter if they wanted to however based on sales – there is no reason to do that. Consider Ford took weight out of the 2018 5.0 however the 2018 still gained weight overall – why because those opening their wallets don’t really care. Bottom line this business is about sales and Ford is running away with sales currently with an older, heavier, less powerful car, If Ford does deliver a 2018 Mustang GT that significantly closes the performance gap on the SS or beats it… well there goes the only reason to buy the Camaro…..

    • MK Camaro

      Thanks for teaching me that 435hp is more than 455hp and that 3900lbs is lighter than 3750lbs my whole life has been a lie.

  • ronandersonjr

    A 302 is not a big v8. It is a small v8. Now a 440, 454, 462, etc…..are big v8s.

    • Fire

      There you go Mr. know what all you ever run into a fire when everybody else is coming out or cut somebody out of the car if you think you know something tell me about fighting fire in rescuing

      • ronandersonjr

        One, you have no idea what I do for a living. Two, why are you bringing occupations into a car thread? How ignorant are you really? How do you know that I am not a mechanic, or tuner? Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of and learn to let it go

  • TomcatJoe

    If you go on the assumption that nothing here is an accident, then you have to assume that 455 and 4700 (or 470) mean something. 470HP would be nice, and certainly do-able. You pretty much get there with the current Coyote and the Ford PP3 bolt-on and tune. It just seems like a little bit of a big jump from a marketing standpoint. It does seem logical that Ford would shoot for just a little more than the SS. Who knows, maybe they were shooting for 460HP and ended up with more than they were expecting.

  • ger787

    Remember when F-body Camaros out-performed the Mustang, but was out-sold 2 to 1? The Camaro stopped production until the late 2000s.

    Now today the current Camaro out-performs the Mustang, but it was almost out-sold 2 to 1 for the 2016 calendar year, even though it was the first year of the current Camaro. The Camaro with an all new design should have sold more than the Mustang, but didn’t come close.

    It takes more than out right performance to get people to spend $35,000 – $45,000 on a 2 door muscle car these days.

  • Shibumi

    I have an 87 GT with t-tops (and they’ve never leaked!), and I love how for decades Mustang had a smaller engine than Camaro, but was always more powerful and faster. Mustang has always punched above it’s weight class- when mine came out I could smoke Corvettes in it. Classic TRUE story- took it to Ft Lauderdale when it was brand new, at a stop light a yuppie in a Porsche 911 pulls up beside me and says “Nice car- I had a Corvette but one of these beat me, so I traded it for this.” Light turns green, of course we both punch it- I smoke him up to 100 then back off it- next light turned red, I stop- he runs it and keeps going! Lol- didn’t EVEN want to talk about it…I have since imagined him at the local Ford dealer the following Monday morning looking for a trade-in… : D

    • Keith

      I had an 87 GT with T-tops. I blew a Head Gasket at 435,000 miles