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World Cup of Cars: Germany vs. Ghana

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Germany vs. Ghana

Today, the World Cup pits Germany vs. Ghana, and we’ll be doing the same in our own challenge, the World Cup of Cars. But rather than playing the match with soccer players, the competing countries will be battling it out with their most popular models. Who will come out victorious? Let’s see!

Representing Germany is the German-made BMW i3, the all-new electric luxury hatchback. We actually spotted the i3 at the auto show circuit this year and fell in love with its futuristic design and its stunning performance: 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque, not to mention a top speed of 93 mph. Oh, and did we mention that the i3 gets 100 miles on pure electric power?

BMW i3 Germany vs. Ghana

The BMW i3

While the Pontiac Vibe isn’t produced in Ghana, it is certainly one of the most popular vehicles there. A twin of the Toyota Matrix, the Vibe disappeared from the U.S. after the GM bankruptcy. What people loved and still love about the Vibe is its high functionality for its low price. It is also fairly efficient for a non-hybrid, non-electric model. But is its efficiency enough to rival the i3? Not even close.

Pontiac Vibe Germany vs. Ghana

The Pontiac Vibe

So there you have it. When the i3 and the Vibe go head to head, the i3 comes out on top. But who will win the real Germany vs. Ghana World Cup match? That’s not quite as clear.

You can catch the Germany vs. Ghana match today at 3pm EDT on ESPN.