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10 Best Car Accessories for Winter

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ice scraper

There is an infinite amount of accessories for your car, but what is extra good to have in the car this winter? We have asked our mechanics what accessories they have acquired, and what they recommend to other car owners. The accessories below may inspire you to what should lie beneath the Christmas tree for your car. If you are going to buy them online, some sites provide some verified coupon codes that you can use.

1. Ice scraper

Number one on the mechanics list. When scraping ice from the car, be sure to remove all ice in the area accessible by the windshield wipers. Otherwise, the rubber on the wipers will wear out quickly.

2. Injection Spray

You can buy a spray that makes it easier to scrape off the ice, and it can save a few minutes of work on a hard frozen box.

3. Silicone pin for the car’s rubber strips

Everyone who has been involved in not being able to open the door because it is frozen in the rubber strip, realizes the need to avoid that situation. A simple silicone pin that you lubricate on the car’s rubber strips can save you from a frozen situation.

4. Windshield painting

If it is often ice and snow where you live, a tarpaulin (or felt) on the windshield can save you from having to use the ice scraper. It is not absolutely necessary, but it is still a practical accessory if you do not have a garage or other indoor parking.

5. Shovel

If you have to drive in snow, it shouldn’t be a lot to get the car stuck. Every year, thousands of people have to call for help. Often you only have to shovel 3–4 times before a wheel gets attached.

6. Winter tires

Actually no accessory, because all mechanics as a standard choose to switch to winter tires. But since it is experientially 20–30 percent who drive with summer tires in the winter, it is worth mentioning winter tires, which is an important investment in road safety. The alternative is to drive with summer tires, and we think that frankly is frightening when we now know how bad this type of tire is on an icy or snow-covered road.

7. Lamps with extra light

Most of the factory-fitted lamps in cars are halogen lamps. They are cheap to produce and last a long time, but do not give as much light as, for example, Xenon or LED. You can get headlights that light up with more than twice as much light. This increases traffic safety. The best lights also illuminate 30 percent longer than standard lamps and make it possible to see obstacles even earlier. The only drawback is that the life of that type of lamp is shorter than for the cheap halogen lamps.

8. Luggage box for the towbar

You can easily double your luggage space with a storage box that is placed directly on the car’s towbar. You can get over 400 liters of extra space, though with limited weight. Suddenly, you get the place with all the Christmas gifts and all the extra clothes for the ski holiday. The advantage of mounting a luggage box on the towbar is that it does not affect the car’s wind resistance as a roof box does. In other words, you can run almost as much per liter as usual.

9. New batteries

The mechanics know that it is the battery that is the fault of most of the cars that come to the workshop with a tow truck. Just like you, the mechanics also do not like to face a cold and dead battery in the morning. Therefore, they choose to switch to a new or almost new battery before the cold winter time.

10. Lock spray

If you have the type of car that can only be opened with a key then you can end up in a frozen situation. Unfortunately, it happens daily that car owners cannot open their car because the lock is frozen. The situation can easily be avoided if you make sure to lubricate it continuously with a little lock spray.

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