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2014 Toyota Sienna Profile: “Mommy Like”

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2014 Toyota Sienna profile

The 2014 Toyota Sienna is the perfect family car.

When you think of a mini-van, you don’t normally think it’s got “swag.” Well, think again—the new 2014 Toyota Sienna has the type of swag that would make all the other parents’ jaws drop. With the ability to comfortably fit up to 8 passengers comfortably (say goodbye to children fighting over seats), sedan-like styling, and Split & Stow 3rd Row seating, the Sienna has quickly become the Lamborghini of mini-vans.

Usually when you purchase a vehicle like the Sienna, you’re thinking about your kids, sacrificing the features that you’d like, such as amazing technology, sleek styling, and a powerful engine for more practical, family-friendly aspects. With the 2014 Toyota Sienna, there is no sacrifice—you have the safety features you look for in a family car in the Blind Spot Monitor, all-wheel drive, the Star Safety System, and Safety Connect, while also getting the technology that you don’t necessarily need but you want so badly. The ability to connect to Bluetooth, with SiriusXM Radio and USB ports will satisfy any tech hungry parent.

With such awesome features, it’s no surprise that the Sienna’s tagline for 2014 is “Mommy like.” Because really—who wouldn’t like it?

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