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2015 Ford Trend Report: Gen Z, Rebel Brands Big in New Year

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2015 Ford Trend Report

2015 Ford Trend Report

Ford knows a thing or two about trending. Not only was the brand recently revealed to be the most-Googled auto brand for all of 2014, but it has now released the 2015 Ford Trend Report, a comprehensive look at 10 trends that are projected to be big motivators for automotive industry growth in the year to come.

The Looking Further with Ford 2015 Trends Report (.pdf download) lays out numerous examples and statistics relative to its 10 hitching points. For the emergence of Generation Z, Ford points to prominent names such as Grammy-winner Lorde and “Hollow Flashlight” inventor Ann Makosinski while noting that Gen Z is less likely to pursue post-graduate degrees and more likely to attempt to create new businesses.

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The 10 major developments—and some suggestions as to how Ford can capitalize—are as follows:

  1. Make Way for Gen Z: better emphasis on exciting new products that are more efficient and more tech-savvy
  2. Rally for Renegades and Rebels: Ford points to the F-150 as being a rebel, and products released under the Ford Performance umbrella—such as the Fiesta ST and Focus RS—would serve to further this notion
  3. Flaunting Failure: pushing the notion of getting out in the world and doing things that are outside of one’s comfort zone—preferably in some kind of Ford vehicle—reinforces the idea that failure is no longer something that people fear
  4. Carryless Movement: reducing the number of accessories that one carries by focusing on the abilities of smart devices to perform multiple tasks; emphasis on SYNC 3 will serve this purpose
  5. No Strings Attached: the idea of not being tied to outdated technology can also be tethered to the adaptability of SYNC 3
  6. Expanding Next of Kin: unconventional relationships and family units could lead to campaigns geared toward single parents and same-sex couples—much to the chagrin of pearl-clutchers everywhere
  7. Give and Take of Privacy: this could be a bit trickier to incorporate, but pushing the security of SYNC 3 could support the idea of the need for privacy
  8. Elusive Health: Emphasize certain vehicles—perhaps the Edge and C-Max—as vehicles for individuals leading active lives
  9. Escape Artist: The need to break away from civilization is something that can be used to promote the 2016 Explorer and—shocker—the Escape
  10. Many Faces of Mobility: Push the One Ford global plan and Ford’s status as a worldwide mover and shaker

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The report is worth a read for the interesting statistics alone, including the fact that 48% of Americans think taxes are easier than figuring out how to eat properly and 25% of Netflix users have binge-watched at least one 13-episode season in two days.

2015 Ford Trend Report

Here’s a hint for New Year’s: Get MyFitnessPal, do some math, eat accordingly. You’re welcome.