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2019 GMC Sales: Trucks Rise, SUVs Fall

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2019 GMC sales
The Sierra 1500 was GMC’s bestselling model in 2019
Photo: GMC

Thanks to a couple of strong-selling models, GMC was able to post a 1.5 percent annual sales gain for 2019.

The premium truck and SUV brand sold a total of 564,946 vehicles for the year, compared with 556,449 in 2018.

The 2019 GMC sales numbers were fairly evenly split between pickups and SUVs, and the brand’s Savana van was also able to carve out sizable gains (24,226 sales and a 23.1 percent year-over-year increase).

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2019 GMC sales
GMC’s bestselling 2019 SUV was the Terrain
Photo: GMC

A Downturn for GMC SUVs

GMC’s SUVs accounted for 275,572 sales in 2019, a number that lagged behind last year’s total. The leader was the Terrain compact SUV with 101,470 vehicles sold. However, the Terrain’s numbers were down significantly, falling 11.2 percent from 2018.

The second-ranking SUV was the midsize Acadia with 99,429 sales. The Acadia was up 12.2 percent for the year, making it one of three GMC models to increase its numbers in 2019.

Bringing up the rear was the full-size Yukon with 74,673 sales — a 7.6 percent decrease from 2018.

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2019 GMC sales
The GMC lineup welcomed the redesigned Sierra HD in 2019
Photo: Steve Fecht for GMC

Truck Sales Show Strength

GMC sold 264,608 trucks in 2019, a solid increase from the previous year. The top-selling truck — and top-selling vehicle overall — for GMC was the Sierra 1500. It totaled 172,452 sales, an 8.3 percent increase.

The Sierra 1500’s larger sibling, the Sierra HD, sold 59,871 units for a 1 percent decline. Those numbers could increase in the new year now that GMC has completed a switchover to the model’s new generation.

GMC’s midsize truck, the Canyon, experienced a 2 percent drop for the year with 32,825 vehicles sold.

In 2020, GMC will once again pin its hopes for sales success on perennial bestsellers like the Sierra. The brand is also hoping to get a boost from a pair of SUV redesigns. The Yukon is an older model, and strong interest in its next generation could bode well for the brand’s SUV sales. The Terrain is also due for an all-new version this fall.