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$110K 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Sold Out in 48 Hours

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Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition

Since the dawn of time (aka since the latest-gen Lincoln Continental launched in 2016), there has been a great clamoring for the return of the Continental’s iconic suicide doors. After teasing it out a bit, Lincoln finally relinquished in announcing the Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition last month, but there was a catch: It would be limited to a run of 80 models for the 2019 Continental and 80 more for the 2020 Continental.

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Lincoln, it seems, drastically underestimated all of that great clamoring. Per the Detroit Free Press, the $110,000 Coach Door Edition sold out its 80-vehicle run in just under 48 hours. From the moment the return of suicide doors was confirmed on Dec. 17, that great clamoring intensified.

“Our first two calls came from New York and the West Coast, each wanted to be first,” said Robert Parker, director of marketing at Lincoln. “One customer was one of these people who could have whatever they wanted, and he wanted to match the Lincoln with his aircraft.”

Given Lincoln’s struggles with selling sedans — par for the course for every auto brand these days — one would think that the high influx of demand (and a surprising degree of demand from the under-40s set) for a six-figure limited edition Continental might lead them to expand the offering somehow or someway. According to Parker, the 2020 run is still a go, and runs for markets like Dubai and Shanghai appear to be in consideration. Beyond that, the Continental is suspected to be up for the chop after 2020, but perhaps the success of this ultra-limited edition will allow it to live on just a while longer in some form or fashion.

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News Source: Detroit Free Press

Photos: The (Now Sold Out) 2019 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

Lincoln Continental 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition