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2020 Lincoln Corsair Design Inspired by Ballerinas

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Kemal Curic the S-Curve 2020 Lincoln Corsair design
Photo: Lincoln Motor Company

Kemal Curic, the Lincoln Motor Company designer in charge of the creation of the Continental and Aviator, had the task of bringing yet another key product to life with the new Corsair. The SUV, which Curic calls a “rolling sculpture,” embodies an approach inspired by Lincoln’s four pillars of design as well as the form of some of the world’s finest dancers.

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“Corsair reflects the four tenets of Quiet Flight — Beauty, Gliding, Human, and Sanctuary — particularly the human beauty,” said Curic. “We were inspired by the ‘S-curve’ body gesture of a ballerina, and we emphasized it everywhere on the vehicle — front, side. and back. So as the vehicle moves through different environments, you’ll see the light bouncing off it in a magical way. That’s what’s going to make the Corsair stand out in the crowd.”

That idea of replicating the S-curve found its way into even the minute details of the Corsair, including the chrome molding between the taillamps. The 2020 Lincoln Corsair is also intended to reflect Lincoln’s push for warm, emotional, human experiences, which Curic feels is achieved through the profile and stance of the SUV.

Curiously, he also says that the face of the Corsair is meant to appear as if it is seducing you. Like, imagine the Corsair’s face as a person’s face. And then imagine that its face is making bedroom eyes at you. That’s kinda weird, not gonna lie.

2020 Lincoln Corsair
Okay, Lincoln Corsair. First of all, I’m married.

“It’s not an aggressive look.  It’s not trying to attack you.  It’s designed to be alluring and welcoming.”

Hmm. Yeah, still weird. Maybe just stick with the “it’s inspired by ballerinas” thing, my dude.

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