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3 Best Value Used UK Minivans

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UK version Ford Grand C-Max

Ford C-Max

If you’re searching for a reliable and great value minivan, you may want to consider investing in a used model. There are awesome savings to be had if you know where to look, but the question is, which used minivans offer the best value?

Below, you’ll discover three of the best value minivans currently available to buy used.

Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi ECOnetic

The Ford Fiesta has remained one of the most popular models for decades. While it comes with a range of different engines, the ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi is definitely one of the best value options on offer. It’s not only cheap to buy used, but it’s also really cheap to run too.

It’s not just the cost-savings you’ll enjoy with this model. It’s also pretty stylish and its engine is fairly powerful, providing a punchy performance. So, if you’re looking for value, style, and performance, this is definitely a minivan you’ll want to consider.

Ford C-Max

It’s not surprising to see another Ford model on the list, as the brand is renowned for its affordability, safety, and reliability. The C-Max is estimated to be around the same size as the popular Ford Focus, yet it offers a lot more flexibility in terms of seating and it’s a little more practical too.

Like the Fiesta, the C-Max is another stylish option. However, its main selling point is its driving experience. It’s comfortable, has exceptional front and rear grip, and it also benefits from great steering capabilities. If you look at sites such as AA Cars, you’ll find the C-Max available at fantastically low prices.

MINI Clubvan Cooper D

This is one of the more recent minivans that have entered the market and it’s proving especially popular with businesses. Featuring the distinctive MINI style, it’s perfect for those looking for a minivan that will really make a statement.

The model is designed with fuel efficiency in mind and features brake energy regeneration. It’s more of a premium model so would suit those looking for something a little more unique.

There’s a lot of choice in the used minivan market, but the above three models are currently some of the best money can buy. Just remember, if you are buying a used model, it’s important to choose a seller you can trust. Research the values of each model so you know how much you should be paying for a used model to avoid getting ripped off.

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