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3 Reasons You Should Never Put Your Feet on the Dashboard

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Resting feet on the dashboard
A person resting their feet on the dashboard
Photo: Vova Krasilnikov via Pexels

When you’re sitting in the passenger’s seat, it can be so relaxing to lean back and put your feet up on the dashboard while the driver handles the road. However, as comfortable as having your feet on the dash may be, it’s an incredibly dangerous position to be in if the car gets into a wreck. The next time you or another passenger considers sitting in this position, keep in mind the following reasons not to do so.

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1. Airbag pressure

When airbags deploy, they do so using an immense amount of pressure. While airbags are meant to save lives in collisions, they actually can cause more harm than good when you’re not sitting properly. The force of their deployment may push your feet toward the windshield or the roof. It can even push them backward, leading to a broken leg, nose, or even pelvis.

2. Protection in a rollover

If you get into a rollover accident, the airbags on the passenger’s side are imperative to your safety. If you’re sitting with your legs elevated, you may prevent the chest and knee airbags from providing the proper protection and may accordingly receive more injuries to your lower body.

3. Seatbelt placement

Manufacturers specifically design seatbelts in a way that secures your body without harming any vital organs. However, when your feet are on the dashboard, the seatbelt likely won’t hit your body exactly where it’s supposed to. This can then damage your organs in a car crash.

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Although sitting with your feet up on the dashboard may be comfortable, it’s not worth the risks. Keep your feet on the floor during the drive, and take more frequent stops if you need to stretch out your legs.