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3 Ways To Make It Work as a One-Car Family

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With some discipline and strategy, a one-car lifestyle can be more feasible than you might think

If your family has the option to own just one vehicle instead of two, it’s a great way to save money. You can put the money you save on maintenance, auto insurance, fuel, and car loan costs toward your household’s other expenses. Here are three tips to make it work as a one-car family.

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Use rideshare and delivery services

Use a rideshare service if you need transportation when your partner is using the family car
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Ridesharing is one important service to tap into if your family has just one vehicle, as The Simple Dollar contributor Holly Johnson shares. You’ll still be able to get to the places you need to if your partner is using the vehicle or goes out of town. Home-delivery options are another service to pursue as you adhere to a one-car lifestyle. That way you can still obtain food and other necessities for your family when you’re temporarily car-less.

Bike around town

Person Riding Bike
Take up biking as an alternative form of transit
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If you live close to the places where your family regularly frequents, invest in some bikes for you and your older children, as Johnson suggests. Cycling typically works better as an alternative transportation option if you live in the city. But it’s possible to make it work in the suburbs if your house is conveniently close to your place of employment, your children’s schools, and a local grocery store. It’s also a great way to incorporate more physical activity into your family’s daily routine.

Secure a work-from-home job

work from home telework computer laptop
If you or your partner can telework, then only one of you will need a car for commuting
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It’s more feasible to pull off a one-car lifestyle if you or your partner work from home on a regular basis, as Johnson confirms. If teleworking is an option at your workplace, take full advantage of it. Or, if it’s time for a job change, seek a position that allows you to work remotely so that your partner can use the car to commute to their office job.

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