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4 Benefits to Taking Your Car to the Dealership for Your Maintenance

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Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle ownership brings with it a host of maintenance costs over the years. From regular oil changes and new tires to potential engine and transmission problems, your vehicle will need to be taken in for service at some point. You have a few options when you’re choosing your vehicle service provider; you can take your car to an independent mechanic,¬†but there are a few benefits to taking your car directly to the dealership.


If your vehicle is still under warranty, basic maintenance is often free or discounted at the dealership. You’ll likely save a significant amount of money by having your service done at the dealership if your vehicle is still under warranty.

Certified and knowledgeable technicians

There’s a major perk to taking your car to the dealership: your vehicle brand is their specialty. While independent mechanics are trained to work on a lot of different vehicle brands, dealership mechanics know your vehicle brand inside and out. They’ll know what to look for, and they are often factory-trained technicians.

Genuine parts

By visiting the dealership, all repairs will be done with genuine OEM vehicle parts. This means that the parts, rather than being generic brands, are designed specifically to fit your vehicle. You’re less likely to run into problems with these parts down the road.

Local businesses

While dealerships are often linked to specific OEMs, each dealership is a franchise. They are individually and family-owned, making them local businesses. By visiting your dealership rather than a chain mechanic, you’re supporting local businesses in your community.

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