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4 Reasons to Wash Your Car in the Winter

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Keeping your car clean in the summer is pretty easily, unless you’re hitting the nearest off-road parks. But when winter rolls around, it seems impossible to keep your car clean for longer than a few hours; the cold weather is harsh on our cars, especially in snowy conditions. While you don’t have to wash your car six times a day, it is important for your car’s maintenance keep up with regular washes during the winter. Here are a few reasons to keep your car clean this winter.

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4 Reasons to Wash Your Car in the Winter

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Road salt

One of the main proponents of damage to your car in the winter is road salt. The chemicals that make up common road salt are damaging to your car. Road salt is extremely corrosive, and increase the speed and amount of rusting on your car.


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Rain Windshield

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Moisture in the air

Winter brings with it lots of snow for Northern states, which means a lot of humidity. The moisture in the air and on your car, especially if you park your car outside, can cause buildup and damage your paint. Rust is a big concern here, too. Washing the undercarriage of your car is important, but you want to make sure your paint is cleaned off too.


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Frozen mirrors

Photo: Pexels


Without regular car washes in the winter, dirt, grime, and salt can build up on your windshield and mirrors. This buildup impairs your visibility and you can end up in a dangerous situation. Make sure you’re washing and defogging your windshield and windows regularly alongside the rest of your car.


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Winter tires

Tire grip

We really depend on our tires in the winter; our safety depends on their grip on the road, so you want to make sure they have the best possible chance. All of the road salt and sand on the roads in the winter can actually be pretty damaging to your tires and wheels. Washing them regularly will prevent any excess wear and tear. Also, check your tire’s tread before you hit the icy roads – it may be time to get new ones.



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