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4 Reasons Trucks Triumph Over Cars

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2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Photo: Chevrolet

Trucks on the market today like the Chevrolet Silverado are more than just workhorses. Just because you don’t work in construction, need to haul equipment or tools, or live out in the country, doesn’t mean a truck can’t be your daily driver. With well-equipped interiors, advanced infotainment tech, smooth performances, and ample space in the bed, trucks are more versatile than you might think.

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Party central

The tailgate on a truck is synonymous with partying and good times. It transforms into a seating area for you and your friends as you grill out and cheer on your favorite team.

Power moves

Trucks deliver a commanding performance because their engines often dwarf the power of engines found in most cars, both in terms of horsepower and torque ratings. If you like some oomph in your vehicle’s performance, you will not be disappointed driving a truck.

“Horsepower, which is delivered at higher RPM levels, is great for highway passing; the availability of low-end torque, however, is what separates car from truck and what makes the pickup America’s workhorse,” according to Cheapism writer Andrew Lisa.

Strong hauler

The strong, responsive engines that power pickup trucks also facilitate high towing capacities. However, it’s not just the weight that sets the towing power of trucks apart from cars. It’s also the advanced trailering technologies and sheer design of trucks that make towing better with a truck.

“Plenty of cars and SUVs come with hitches, but if you tow frequently, you need a truck — the most powerful pickups are tugboats on wheels that can tow double their own weight,” Lisa adds.

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Better perspective

Trucks sit way higher than most cars and SUVS, which delivers a greater perspective to drivers. With such a high seating position, drivers of pickups can see what’s happening in front of them at a greater distance.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, don’t discount the benefits of a pickup truck.