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4 Reasons Why Your Car’s AC System Might Not Be Working

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Car Air Conditioning Vents
AC is great…until it stops working.
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Many of us welcome spring’s warmer temperatures with open arms. However, sometimes balmy weather surfaces a problem with your vehicle: a dysfunctional air conditioning system. Don’t sweat — here are some reasons your car’s AC might be broken and require service from a mechanic at a reputable dealership.

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1. Blocked “arteries”

If your AC is blowing hot air, there could be a restriction somewhere in the system. The root of the problem could be as simple as a clogged refrigerant charging hose or expansion tube, as the Firestone Complete Auto Care team articulates.

2. Not enough refrigerant

Another common issue is that the system’s refrigerant level is too low. Per YourMechanic.com’s Valerie Johnston, this is one of the most frequent reasons that your vehicle’s vents are emitting hot air.

3. System leaks

If you’ve ruled out the first two culprits, you’ll want to have your AC system inspected for any potential leaks. Whether the leak results from a loosened seal or an O-ring, or another component, the AC system shifts from a “closed system” to an “open system.” This, in turn, opens the door for moisture to get into the system, Firestone Complete Auto Care explains. When this mixes with refrigerant, it can produce acids that can corrode the system and make the current leaks even worse.

4. A faulty clutch cycling switch

In some cases, the clutch cycling switch is to blame for a lack of cool air in your car. Per Johnston, if this switch isn’t working, then the air compressor’s electromagnetic clutch won’t trigger. This prohibits the refrigerant from being pressurized, which is an essential process that can make or break the AC system.

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