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4 Series and 5 Series Sales Soar High While Overall BMW Sales Fall 14.8% in July

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Sales of the BMW 4 Series and 5 Series made up roughly 42% of BMW's declining passenger car sales last month

The BMW 4 Series was one sedan that found sales success in July

Across the industry, July was a tumultuous month for automakers, especially those that focus on a lineup of passenger cars like BMW. As a result, BMW’s July sales were down 14.8%.

BMW delivered 21,965 vehicles last month, compared to the 25,777 vehicles it delivered a year prior. So far this year, the BMW brand has delivered 171,051 units, down 4.6% from BMW’s deliveries during the first seven months of 2016.

Several of BMW’s models managed to increase their sales performances during July. Unsurprisingly, the BMW 5 Series was once again a success story for BMW in July. The popular sedan model saw a 12.4% sales increase last month, with a total of 3,713 units delivered.

What’s more surprising, however, is the success of the BMW 4 Series. The 4 Series manged to achieve an even better sales recovery, with an increase of 31.1%. Last month, BMW sold 2,866 BMW 4 Series sedans. Together, the 4 Series and 5 Series sedans made up roughly 42% of BMW’s passenger car sales in July.

The X5 continues to be a brand favorite for BMW

Still, in an industry where sedans are on the decline, so too are sales for BMW’s sedans falling short of past expectations. In July, BMW’s passenger car sales fell by 20.4% when compared to a year ago.

BMW’s light trucks found a bit more success in July, with a sales increase of 3%. This is still below the average 10.9% sales increase for the segment so far this year. At the forefront of BMW’s light truck success is the BMW X5. The X5 sold 2,986 units in July, an 8.8% sales increase compared to July of 2016.

MINI sales, while still down, managed to marginally improve in July. While the average sales decline for the MINI brand throughout 2017 is 11.1%, in July that sales decline was minimized to 7.9%.

When the two brands are combined, BMW sold a total of 26,363 vehicles last month, a 13.7% sales decline compared to the 30,551 units sold in July of 2016. Year-to-date, the sales decline equals 5.5% for the company.

The sales chart below provides more details surrounding BMW’s performance in July:

BMW July 2017 Sales