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5 Classic Nameplates That Buick Could Use for Its New Vehicles

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The incoming line of new Buick models could potentially make use of these classic monikers from Buick's past

Might these classic Buick nameplates be key to the brand’s future?
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The Buick brand is currently undergoing some major changes. GM is consolidating the Buick lineup, while at the same time planning to introduce new models that will play off the strengths of the Buick brand.

An important part during the development of any new vehicle is choosing the right nameplate. Fortunately for Buick, it has a large assortment of vehicle names from throughout its history just waiting to be repurposed. These five seem like ideal choices for Buick to use.

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1994 Buick Roadmaster
Photo: Alden Jewell

Buick Roadmaster

The Buick Roadmaster was one of the very first Buick models, entering producing back in 1935. Throughout Buick’s history, the Roadmaster has seen several revivals, with some as recent as the 1990s.

Now might be the perfect time for another Roadmaster revival. The moniker even sounds fitting for a crossover or SUV.

1967 Buick LeSabre
Photo: nakhon100

Buick LeSabre

The LeSabre nameplate has always carried an air of elegance. That’s something Buick will need to stand out in the growing crowd of luxury automakers.

For decades, the Buick LeSabre was the brand’s signature full-size car. Plus, what better vehicle nameplate to replace the outgoing LaCrosse than the LeSabre.

Photo: Greg Gjerdingen

Buick Estate

Back in its heyday, the Buick Estate was a station wagon that served as the ideal family vehicles. Still, over the years, station wagons have fallen out of favor, with crossovers and SUVs serving as the new go-to family segment.

A new Estate model could always occupy one of these two utility model segments. Of course, Buick is one of the few brands to experience sales success with station wagons, most recently with the Regal TourX, so a new Estate wagon may not be out of the picture after all.

Jerry Seinfeld 1965 Buick Riviera
Photo: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Buick Riviera

The Buick Riviera moniker has been one of the most common vehicle titles utilized throughout Buick’s long-standing history. Yet, the Riviera hasn’t been part of the Buick lineup since the new Millennium began.

That hasn’t stopped Buick from introducing conceptual models bearing the Riviera name. Perhaps it’s time for one of those concept vehicles to actually join Buick’s lineup.

Photo: Dayton Chamber of Commerce’s All Wheels Weekends

Buick Electra

With a name meaning “amber” and “shining” in Greek, the Electra title is one that illustrates Buick’s commitment to creating top-of-the-line models. From 1960 until 1990, the Electra was one of Buick’s most popular vehicles.

Since Buick remains committed to delivering luxury vehicles to its customers, the Electra moniker would fit right in with the current Buick lineup. Even better, the Electra name is perfect for an electric vehicle, with Buick looking to add several EVs to its lineup over the course of the next few years.

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Whether we witness any of these nameplates return to the Buick lineup or not, it will be exciting to see what kind of vehicles Buick introduces during the next decade.