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5 Differences Between Stock and Performance Exhausts

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If you have been thinking about changing up your stock exhaust with a performance exhaust, you will first need to know the biggest differences between the two.

1. Pipe diameter

One of the biggest differences between stock and performance exhausts is the pipe diameter. Most of the time, stock exhausts have a smaller diameter than performance exhausts. Because those aftermarket exhausts have a larger diameter, it means there is a larger volume of air allowed to flow.

2. The pipe bends

Stock exhausts utilize a technique called crush bending. This is a fast technique that is important to car manufacturers, but because there are restrictions in the bends, it means that performance suffers. The best performance exhausts use mandrel bending, which keeps the diameter of the pipe consistent, so there are reduced or restricted flow areas.

3. Better quality materials

The materials used in the construction of performance exhausts tend to be better than the materials stock exhausts are made from. When car manufacturers assemble vehicles, they want to strike a balance between performance and affordability. When you choose a quality stainless steel performance exhaust, you can choose those that have a better material, which typically means they will perform better and last longer.

4. More power

Stock exhausts essentially rob the vehicle of a substantial amount of power. They are not as efficient as performance exhausts and this difference can be felt and heard once you make the change. If you are looking for better performance, the aptly named performance exhausts are your best option.

5. Better fuel economy

While the exhaust system might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to fuel economy, it can actually affect it. Stock exhausts, due to their design, are not as efficient as performance exhausts.

Now that you understand the differences, it is time that you started looking for a performance exhaust for your car. Make sure that you choose the right exhaust for your make and model.