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5 Unique and Useful Car Gadgets You Can Get on Amazon for Under $20

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We spend a lot of time in our cars going to and from work or heading out on adventurous road trips during the summer. To make your vehicle’s cabin more inviting and convenient, consider any one of these five unique and useful car gadgets that you can get on Amazon for under $20.

1. Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder – $15.95

Bestrix Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Air Vent
Photo: Bestrix

You’ve fumbled around with those vent clip phone holders and the “gripping” sides that just can’t seem to keep your phone upright when you’re driving. Opt for this magnetic phone holder from Bestrix instead to add a sleek, elegant feel to your vehicle while keeping your phone where you want it. The phone holder is compatible with nearly all smartphones and even tablets, ensuring they’ll stay in place even on bumpy roads and around sharp curves.

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2. Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler – $19.99

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler
Photo: Drop Stop

How many times have you reached for something and instantly dropped it in between your seat and the center console, therefore losing it forever to the dark abyss? Consider getting this Drop Stop car seat gap filler that fits snugly in the drop zone. This two-pack of seat gap fillers was featured on Shark Tank and the creators guarantee that you’ll no longer lose fries, coins, or other small items in the “Carmuda Triangle.”

3. Toplus Car Headrest Hooks – $9.69

Toplus Car Headrest Hooks
Photo: Toplus

If you’re looking to save space by hanging items from your headrest, try these multi-functional headrest hooks from Toplus. The hooks come in a four-pack (two for each headrest) and can hold items like grocery bags, purses, and coats. When you’re not using the hooks, you can rotate them so they face inward toward each other to avoid other items (or people) getting caught on them.

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4. wsiiroon Car LED Strip Light – $17.99

wsiiroon Car LED Strip Light
Photo: wsiiroon

Most of the time, you have to pay a ton of money to get ambient LED interior lighting installed on a vehicle; that’s not the case with these LED strip lights from wsiiroon. These easily installable lights are waterproof, have a wireless remote control, can be sound activated, and come with a car charger so you can keep the ambience going during your entire road trip. The LED strip lights are available in eight colors and can be adjusted by brightness via the wireless remote.

5. Vyaime Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser – $19.99

Vyaime Car Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Dual USB Charger Adapter
Photo: Vyaime

If the cabin of your vehicle is smelling a little funky these days, you may want to get something that’ll help freshen it up. Some car air fresheners can be incredibly overwhelming or reek of pine trees; instead, try this essential oil aromatherapy diffuser from Vyaime. Not only can you add light scents of your choosing to your vehicle, you can also charge your phone, as the diffuser is also a dual USB car charger. Now you can refresh and recharge at the same time!