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6 Cool and Creative Ways to Customize Your Jeep

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2016 jeep wrangler green hardtop

Jeeps are some of the most dependable rides on the road. The founder of the Ferrari Grand Prix once said, “Jeep is America’s only real sports car.” This is all the more reason you should take the bore out your Jeep’s personality and spruce it up. The Jeep is a go-to ride for adults aged 30-49; that’s an astonishing number since Jeeps have historically attracted a younger demographic.

It’s safe to assume this four-wheeled favorite is the All-American choice. But don’t let it be just that; take your ride up a notch. If you’re a proud owner of a Jeep, it’s time to add some accessories. Here are six cool and creative ways to customize your Jeep.

1. Go soft on the top

It’s popular to see most Jeep owners riding around without a top. If you take a drive to the beach, that’s the most of what you’ll see. But Jeeps accommodate different weather elements. You can add a top. Hardtops are customary for any type of vehicle but not the Jeep. Jeeps have versatility. You can swap a hardtop out for a soft one. Soft tops are heavy-duty pieces made from vinyl that have a leathery look. It almost looks like your Jeep’s wearing a jacket.

2. Raise it up

Jeeps can handle a lot of road — rocky roads, muddy roads, and trails. But like other vehicles, they can get stuck in the road. Sand, mud, and low tree roots can lock a Jeep up and keep it from moving forward or backward. A cool customization trick here would be to raise it up. Buy a good lift kit and have a professional install it for you.

3. Get some racks

Because Jeeps are great off-road driving vehicles, they’re great to use for hiking trips. In which case you’ll have to take hiking gear. The best place to put gear is on a rack. Jeep racks allow you to transport all types of gear. Surfboards, bicycles, canoes, and much more are all transportable on a rack. Racks free up clutter in the back seat, and they can handle tough environments.

4. New tires

The coolest way to spruce up a nice Jeep is with some new tires. The right type of new tires can help a Jeep manage any type of road. Vehicles with new tires have greater stopping power. They maneuver better on wet roads and they provide optimum safety on the road. Take your Jeep into a professional and upgrade its tires.

2018 jeep wrangler rubicon red soft top

5. Flares on the fenders

When you’re handling the off-road, your Jeep’s bodyline takes a lot of hits from flying debris. By adding fender flares, you give your ride a new look and protect the aesthetics at the same time. There’s no need to jazz up your new paint job with matching jeep decals only to have rocks scratch it up. Save yourself the trouble and install them yourself. It’s as simple as placing them around the wheel wells of your Jeep and letting them do the work.

6. Add some seat covers

Seat covers can remodel a room full of furniture and the inside of a Jeep. They add style and sophistication, depending on the design and fabric. They extend the longevity of the fabric on your factory seats. And, seat covers protect seats from damage from debris like dye, mud, and paints. They’re easy to maintain. And as long as you have a washing machine, they’re easy to clean.

Upgrade your Jeep

When you customize your Jeep, you give it an aesthetic upgrade. You also extend the life of it by giving it a lift and adding new tires. If you want to give your Jeep some personality, incorporate some of these creative ways into your plans.

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