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7 Ways to Maintain Your Luxury Car

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You’ve done it. You’ve invested in your dream car. Years of hard work, personal sacrifice, and daring risks in your life and business have led you here. Maintaining your new luxury car requires a bit more upfront work than regular automobiles, which goes without saying. It also goes without saying that your dream will be shattered in an instant if your new investment breaks down or needs to be repaired. Here are seven ways for maintaining the prime condition of your luxury car.

1. Service

Luxury cars, for all of their beauty, need more maintenance and servicing than regular vehicles. With other cars and trucks, the popular choice is to bring them in to the shops only as a last resort – after our patience with a problem has been tested to its limit. Study the owner’s manual. This manual will tell you the exact date for your maintenance schedules. Regularly change the oil to ensure your new baby runs as smoothly as possible for as long as possible.

2. Seats

Vacuum the seats twice a week for keeping them optimally pristine and gorgeous. Also be sure to vacuum the insides—such as the floor, doors, dash, consoles, etc.—to maintain the luxury status. Use a leather cleaner in conjunction with a microfiber cloth to do a surface clean of the seating areas. Dirt and debris occur naturally in life – therefore, to get rid of them from your seat, use that same leather cleaner with a bristle brush.

3. Be careful

Unexpected road conditions are the bane of any serious driver. Whether your everyday route is filled with ice, rain, or debris, exercise caution. Your luxury dream car is an investment: take care of it. You can rent a Lamborghini for as little as $1290 a day in Los Angeles, California, to drive one of the most stunning “dream” cars on the planet. Even if you’re driving on the most beautiful day, under the warm sun and there’s nary a cloud in the inspirational sky, be wary about your environment while driving.  

4. Check the tires

It should be standard practice by now to check the air pressure of your tires whenever you’re gassing up your vehicle. Doing so will help you prevent your tires from losing their balance or bursting while you’re driving. Maintaining the health of your tires is like maintaining the health of your teeth: without properly taking care of them, they can become a painful problem that’s hard fix. Whenever your tire treads shrink to <1.5mm, it’s time to replace your tires.

5. Trim

After you’ve taken care of your seats, it’s time to maintain the healthy (and jaw-dropping) look of your interior trim. Vacuum as necessary, and switch to a cleaning product that won’t harm your material. Using a new microfiber cleaning cloth, perform a dry wipe to make the interior shine without any streaks.

6. Clutch

Everyone knows that a working clutch helps the engine function smoothly. Suffice to say that a working clutch is one of the top five most important components of luxury vehicles. One thing to watch out for the health of your clutch is a change in your engine speed; if this happens, without you, it’s a telling sign that your clutch needs the help of an experienced mechanic.

7. Exterior

Regularly having your car washed is paramount for ensuring the luxury status you worked so hard to attain. Which route you decide, always remember to use polish that’s safe for your model. During this process, it’s also a wise investment to inspect the windscreen wipers. If they squeak or show visible signs of wear, replace them. C

When you’re taking care of your luxury car, do your best to not get carried away with maintaining your dream. Whether you’re using your car as a status of your wealth, letting it act as a display in your driveway, or taking it out for evening joyrides – maintaining the health of your baby on a regular basis is key for making sure it lasts longer than you do.

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