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9 Clever Alternative Uses for Your Garage (That Aren’t Just Storage)

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While many people dismiss it as not really a room of the house—using it simply for vehicle or box storage—the garage holds as many different function possibilities as any other part of the home. Depending on where you live, what condition your garage is in, and how much work you’re willing to do, you can transform your garage into an area that’s actually useful.

9 New Functions to Give Your Boring Garage a Makeover

  1. Exercise Room: While many people store their fitness equipment in the basement where it’s dank, dirty, and stuffy, you could turn your unused garage space into a home gym by simply laying down foam or rubber mats and setting up your treadmill or weightlifting bench. You can even use this space for doing yoga with your friends.
  2. Children’s Play Area: Kids should be allowed to be kids, and no parent likes having to limit what their children can do in the house to avoid making a mess, breaking things, or being too loud. If your young ones don’t have much room in the house to play, turn the garage space into a fun-zone where the kiddos can be as loud and messy as they want.
  3. Lounge/Den: Every house needs an area that offers solace and guest entertaining. What some people might call the “Man Cave,” such a lounge in the garage for either or both genders provides a secluded area to play billiards, watch television, drink from the bar, or play board games. And if the party runs late, the garage walls help muffle the noise.
  4. Guest Room: If your garage is insulated and aerated enough for someone to sleep in, you could turn it into a makeshift bedroom for guests by assembling a bed or air mattress on a rug or carpet. Add a lamp, a power extension cord for charging devices, a fan, and a nightstand stocked with water and toiletries; just make sure your garage isn’t dusty!
  5. Workshop: Whatever your hobby is—be it painting, crafting, gardening, robotics, woodworking, puppetry, or taxidermy—the garage is a useful area where you can store your supplies, leave your unfinished projects from being disturbed, and get some fresh air while you work.
  6. Vlog Studio: Something that the previous generation never would’ve considered but that many aspiring creative talents these days need a set space to erect a set for making videos and video-blogs. Now you can review movies, discuss video games, rant about politics, or film your DIY projects in your very own studio.
  7. Home Office: Instead of putting that desk and computer in the middle of the house where there’s distracting foot traffic all around, or wasting much-needed bedroom space on an office chair with no room to roll, set up that office station in solitude in the garage. You just might need to set up a Wi-Fi extender and better lighting.
  8. Pet Area: If your yard doesn’t provide enough space for your furry friend to run around, or if you need a space that’s secure for smaller critters to play, you can cover the floor with outdoor carpeting (particularly a faux-grass one) and toys. Just make sure to have a litter box present for your felines or a doggy door for your pooch to go use the potty.
  9. Music Room: There’s a reason they call them “garage bands.” Garages offer an excellent space for you or your child to practice their music without bothering the rest of the family (especially if you have a detached garage and the family member is a terrible musician).