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9 Tips for Making the Most of your Driving Lessons

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Driving is one of those things that looks easy, but is actually extremely complex and tricky. New drivers often feel overwhelmed by all there is to learn, so it’s important to take your driving lessons seriously so you can become a safe, responsible driver. When it comes time to learn how to drive, make sure you adhere to these nine tips to make the most of your lessons.

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1. Hire an Expert

It’s fine to let your dad help out while you’re learning to drive, but even the best drivers can become nervous when faced with learners. Instead, consider signing up for lessons with a professional driving school. Not only is your instructor qualified to help guide you through the process with as little stress as possible, the vehicle you’re learning in comes with additional controls to help the instructor take charge if and when needed.


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2. Don’t Skip Lessons

This might sound obvious, but if you want to learn to drive, you need to show up to your lessons. Don’t skip your lessons, no matter what. If you find it difficult to stick to a schedule, talk to your driving instructor to make your classes flexible for you.


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3. Eliminate Distractions

These days, it is often hard to concentrate fully on something as crucial as driving in the presence of smartphones, gadgets, and other distractions. Do yourself a favor and keep your phone on silent or switched off whenever you’re behind the wheel.


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4. Pay Attention

It’s important to listen carefully to your driving instructor, so pay close attention to what you’re being told. Ask questions about anything you’re uncertain about. The more you ask questions and follow instructions, the better driver you will become.


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5. Trust Your Instructor

First-timer drivers are, understandably, more nervous behind the wheel than those who have been driving for a few years. Don’t worry too much; trust your instructor, who has your best interests at heart and wants to help you become a safe and responsible driver.


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6. Slow Down

Always prioritize safety over speed. Your safety, as well as the safety others on the road, is of utmost importance, so it’s important to observe control over your speed.


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7. Study Previous Lessons

Make sure you have thoroughly absorbed your previous lessons before you try something new. If you have questions, ask your instructor. It’s important that you feel as confident as possible while learning how to drive.


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8. Use Your Brakes

If you see a hazard ahead, use your brakes quickly. It’s better to come to a sudden halt than to hurt someone in another car or on the sidewalk. Just remember to check your rearview mirror before braking to anticipate any vehicles behind you that might be affected.


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9. Always be Learning

The more you will practice, the better driver you will become. Even when your lessons are over and you have received your license, you’ll be constantly learning throughout your life as a driver.

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