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Honda Accord is the Most Stolen and Recovered Car

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most stolen and recovered

Is the phrase “PLEASE STEAL ME” scrawled on here in invisible ink somewhere?

LoJack, creators of popular vehicle theft prevention and recovery tools and products, have released their annual list of the 10 most stolen and recovered cars. It’s time to get happy, Honda Accord owners, because your car is the most stolen and recovered car in America for the fifth-year in a row! Celebrate accordingly! (In this case, by parking in a high-visibility area next to a street lamp.)

The Accord is followed by:

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Toyota Camry
  3. Toyota Corolla
  4. Chevrolet Silverado
  5. Acura Integra
  6. Cadillac Escalade
  7. Ford F-350
  8. Nissan Altima
  9. Chevrolet Tahoe

You read that right: the Acura Integra. There hasn’t been a new Acura Integra made in about 13 years, yet it remains one of the most stolen and recovered vehicles on the road today. Thieves, we fail to understand y’all.

most stolen and recovered cars

Of course you’d wanna steal this!

Some other handy dandy facts included in LoJack’s infographic:

  • Value of stolen vehicles recovered by LoJack topped $121 million
  • The most expensive vehicle recovered was a $103,400 2011 Porsche Panamera
  • The oldest vehicle recovered was a 1963 Cadillac Convertible
  • The number of Toyota Priuses recovered increased by 70 percent
  • Black was the most common color of recovered vehicle (20.42 percent recovery rate)