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Alligator Snacks on a Chevy Car in Louisiana

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If your summer road trip takes you through the southern states, you might want to be wary of alligators. Not only do they occasionally cross and block the road, but apparently some of them like to bite vehicles. A recent story from 13abc News shares one such scenario that happened in Louisiana

The story

The Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office reported a recent incident with an eight-foot alligator who was lingering in the middle of Louisiana Highway 1. According to the tweet, officers tried to contain the reptile while they waited for wildlife experts to arrive on the scene to safely relocate it. The alligator got away, unfortunately. However, it did take a huge bite out of the front bumper of the deputy’s Chevy car.  

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Safely share the road with alligators

Whether you’re traveling through Louisiana or another southern region, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself of some safe driving tips when it comes to reptiles on the road.  

1) Expect alligators on the road

Because reptiles are cold-blooded, they gravitate toward asphalt due to its warmth. So, the first step to safely sharing the road with these creatures is to be aware that they can cross the road at any time of day. 

2) Keep a safe distance

If you see an alligator crossing the road, stop your vehicle as quickly as you can without swerving. Running over an alligator can harm both you and the reptile, nevermind damage your vehicle. 

If you’re able to safely stop and let it finish crossing, then do so. If it is stopped in the middle of the road and not moving, and it doesn’t appear to intend to move, drive around it if there is room and there’s no oncoming traffic. 

3) Know when to call wildlife services

If you’re in a vehicle and can’t safely drive around an alligator that’s blocking a parking space or the road, call the local wildlife services to report it. That’s especially true if it appears to be injured or sick. 

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