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The Sky’s The Limit: April 2014 Toyota Sales Soar

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April 2014 Toyota Sales

The new 2014 Toyota Corolla–a sales superstar

What started as a great year for Toyota took a slight hit mid-to-late January through February, likely because of the extreme cold weather seen across the U.S. However, the Japanese automaker saw things start to turn around in March, and that momentum continued into April. In fact, April 2014 Toyota sales showed an increase of 9 percent when compared with April of 2013. With the numbers adjusted to account for April 2014 having 26 selling days compared to April 2013’s 25, that percentage increase rises to an impressive 13.3. This number includes all Toyota Motor Sales’ brands, including Toyota, Lexus, and Scion.

Of this increase, April 2014 Toyota sales rose year-over-year by 7.4 percent, or 176,495 vehicles. The Camry in particular stood out as one of Toyota’s top performers in April, with a 20 percent increase in sales totaling 38,000 vehicles. Sales of the recently redesigned Corolla also increased 20 percent, with Americans purchasing 30,000 of the popular compact sedans during April. Other Toyota superstars included the FJ Cruiser, whose sales increased by a whopping 508 percent; the 4Runner, which was up 64 percent; and the redesigned Highlander, up 28 percent. Bill Fay, Toyota division group vice president and general manager, said, “Sales momentum from March rolled into April pushing the industry to its best back-to-back monthly sales pace since fall of 2007. For Toyota, truck sales continue to soar. Tundra is a highlight with double-digit gains as comfort, safety and technology of the all-new model remain a strong draw for consumers.”

Trucks were definitely a top contributor to Toyota’s success in April, with the Tundra seeing a sales increase of 24 percent, and the Tacoma up 7 percent. After the Tundra’s recent makeover and the publicity that came when Tundra pulled the Space Shuttle Endeavour over the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, it seems that consumers can’t get enough of Toyota’s tried and tested pickup trucks. It looks like Toyota is back on the right track after a disappointing start to the year, and we expect to see the numbers continue to rise as the weather improves and more people start to shop for new cars.