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Are We Getting a MINI Sedan—And Will It Look Like This?

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MINI sedan rendering

A rendering of a potential MINI sedan
Photo: Theophilus Chin

Rumors have been circulating that a MINI sedan could hit the American marketplace, and we’ve now seen one artist’s rendering of what this sedan could possibly look like. Reportedly, the new sedan would be based on MINI’s Clubman.

The rumor started with AutoCar in the UK when earlier this month, the website ran an article on a new “MINI saloon” (weird British speak for sedan) that is “likely to be…part of [MINI’s] global push upmarket.” AutoCar posits that the new MINI sedan—or saloon—could possibly be called the Riley, which is still a trademark retained by MINI’s parent company, BMW.

Where does this information come from? A very reliable source: Ralph Mahler, vice president of MINI product management. He didn’t come outright and say that MINI would be introducing a sedan to the US market (and elsewhere in North America and also Asia, specifically China), but he did say this: “[I]n Asia and the US, the sedan [saloon] segment is very big. That is very interesting to us, of course.”

MINI sedan rendering

Though it retains the typical MINI front fascia, the rear of the MINI sedan is styled differently
Photo: Theophilus Chin

So will this supposed MINI sedan look like the rendering pictured here? Artist Theophilus Chin seems to hope so. In the images, you can see that he’s kept the front fascia that is used on other MINI models, but the rear is definitely more sedan-like in nature—a sloping roofline, for instance.

It could be a while before we get anything official out of MINI on this, but hang tight. A MINI sedan could be on its way to American soil, and, despite its brand’s name, it’s gonna be huge.

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News Source: AutoCar